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I’m having a busy stretch here; the blog might be rather quieter than usual for a few days. Back to normal soon.


  1. JK says

    Well. With Malcolm being away for a period something’s come up (at least it “would appear something’s up” – alas, not what should’ve come up in both cases).

    Not redwing blackbirds in this case.

    November 2012. JK attempting to beat traffic during last year’s Thanksgiving leaves early to beat the traffic and visit one of his kids for the holiday:

    The flight, which departed from New York JFK, was supposed to fly to the McConnell Air Force Base but instead landed about nine miles away at Jabara.

    As JK has mentioned before, JK must travel “just north of the Arkansas border” cause he lives in a “dry county.”

    “We continue to support the NTSB in their investigation to uncover the circumstances which led the pilot in command of Flight 4013 from Chicago Midway to land at the airport, several miles from the Branson Airport we serve.”


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  2. JK says

    Ah …

    JK made a mistake “apparently.”

    Thanksgiving 2013.

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  3. JK says

    New Readers of Malcolm’s site might be a little befuddled at JK’s mentioning redwing blackbirds.

    In any case, it’s all to do with unhappy landings.

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