Let’s Roll

The venerable liberal journalist Nat Hentoff joins the chorus calling for Barack Obama’s impeachment.

Worth a try, say I. The only plausible objection I can think of is Joe Biden, but at this point that’s a trade I’d be glad to make.

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  1. Kevin Kim says

    Good luck with that, Mr. Hentoff. Obama is effectively bulletproof.

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  2. Bill says

    Kevin, perhaps not after 2014

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  3. Hope and change …

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  4. JK says

    Uhm … Malcolm?

    You masquerading as (likely) an Aussie so you can comment as “down underable”?

    Tarquin Wombat-Carruthers of Maryborough 4650

    It wasn’t so much the moniker grabbed my attention so much as where the water-skiing was alleged to’ve taken place;


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  5. JK says

    Y’all have paid up AARP dues haven’t y’all?

    I didn’t realize until just now we’re no longer included as being in the “modern era” ’cause most’ve us Waka readers were born before … well

    Then, in a second 2013 study in the journal Ecology and Evolution, the researchers compared polar bear scat from modern times with an analysis conducted from 1968 to 1969, when climate change hadn’t dramatically affected the habitat.


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  6. Bill says

    Once again we see junk science finding what it wants to find. The LiveScience article quoted on Artic sea ice is plain wrong, the ice expanded this year, overall, and they generalize a Hudson’s Bay environment to the entire Artic. Our tax dollars at work.

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  7. fnn says

    The first-past-the-post US voting system means that only two parties can be viable. That means that all the interest groups opposed to the interest groups of the hegemonic left that make up the D’s must go to the R’s. They have nowhere else to go if they want to play the game. That’s how you get the menu of policies that the GOP supports.

    Anyway, Reagan was more of a Bolshevik than Obama:


    On the prosecution of fraud following the Savings and Loan Crisis: Our agency filed over 10,000 criminal referrals that resulted in over 1,000 felony convictions. We worked closely with the FBI and the Justice Department, to prioritize cases—creating the top 100 list of the 100 worst institutions which translated into about 600 or 700 executives. We went after the absolute worst frauds.
    On the prosecution of fraud following the current crisis: We now have appointed anti-regulators. The FBI warned in open testimony in the House of Representatives, in September 2004, that there was an epidemic of mortgage fraud, and they predicted that it would cause a financial crisis if it were not contained. It was not contained. Since then we have had zero criminal referrals. They completely shut down making criminal referrals. Both the Bush Administration and the Obama Administration have not made it a priority to prosecute these elite criminals who caused this devastating injury.
    On the incidence of fraud : “Liars loans” means that there was no prudent underwriting of the loan. About one-third of all the loans made in 2006 were liars loans. The Anti-Fraud Specialist Unit of the Mortgage Bankers Association – the trade association of the perps – reported this to every member of the Mortgage Bankers Association in 2006. The Anti-Fraud Specialist Unit stated the following: 1. Liars loans are an open invitation to commit fraud, 2. Liars loans contain a 90% incidence of fraud, and 3. Loans that were named “Alt-A” were actually liars loans. So nobody can claim they did not know. After 2006, liars loans grew to comprise over half of all loans made.

    – See more at: http://www.capitalismwithoutfailure.com/2011/12/bill-black-on-incidence-of-fraud.html#sthash.F7yh6nuG.dpuf

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