I’ve been working long hours this week, and haven’t had the time — nor sufficient sleep — to write anything worth reading. Meanwhile, the links have been piling up, as they tend to do. So it’s time once again to flush, as we programmers say, the cache:

— Another reason that I hope humans never lose their fondness for creating beautiful, useless things.

Homage to Vermeer.

— From Ben Franklin, a handy compendium.


Going, going

Paging Mr. Fort.

— We’ve been neglecting this topic. More later.

U.S. cities over time, in a lovely chart.

Income mobility.

Behind the mask.

Nice UI. (It was recommended for use with the GSS, as I recall.)

Safe house. See also here.

The Hole at the Pole.

Steve Sailer’s Race FAQ.

— A very strange ping-pong match.

Hitchens and Buckley, long, long ago.

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  1. JK says

    Don’t know why the FAA was called in – the first “object” I noticed looks suspiciously like Hillary Clinton.

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