Where Yinz From?

I’m working late, so all I have for you tonight is this little quiz. Give it a go.


  1. Kevin Kim says

    I’ve taken this quiz before; last time, I got Arlington, VA as one possibility. This time around, I got DC as a possibility. In both cases, the quiz had me pegged within about 20 miles, since I’m from Alexandria.

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  2. Malcolm says

    It nailed me down pretty tightly, too.

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  3. Got me at NYC (10 years) and Yonkers (I lived in Westchester County for 14 years). But the third one was weird: Jackson, Mississippi. I’ve never even been in Mississippi. Go figure.

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  4. Amused says

    Well, well, well, I also got Washington DC, Jackson (Missouri?)and somewhere else that I have instantly forgotten. Such is my incredible memory.

    Henry, I don’t think you’ll bump in to me, so don’t worry. I was brought up in the UK and now live in Sydney, Australia.

    I don’t think that this quiz was intended for non-Americans. Too many answers required the response “other”.

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  5. “Henry, I don’t think you’ll bump in to me, so don’t worry.”


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  6. Dom says

    They got me correctly in Philadelphia. The give away, though, was the word “hoagie”. I think only Philadelphians say that.

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  7. JK says

    Pinpointed my birthplace. Pinpointed a city my 1820s maternal grandparents appeared in a census record. Pretty close – within a two-hour drive – of the city my 1840s paternal grandparents appeared on a census.

    First question admittedly I clicked a word form I never used myself – but my kin did – my parents moved me while an infant to a USMC base in CA.

    Arkansas, Kentucky, Maryland.

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  8. JK says


    I took a look at some letters/writings my families’ left for posterity. Used what I took to be the “most probable” of the word-forms for the test. “Hypothesized” ports of entry.

    Virginia, Georgia, and unexpectedly (only city I’ll name) Jackson Mississippi.

    There’s [maybe] a reason I’ve reckoned you a “axtracted hillbilly tended ter de desert flatmost” sort of feller.

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  9. the one eyed man says

    The quiz unerringly identified my ancestral homeland of central New Jersey. Ditto for my brother Dave.

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  10. JK says

    So what One-E#yed the test “unerringly” identifieds dumbfucks?

    That’s relatively easy.

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  11. Bill says

    It put me in Wisconsin or Minnesota, primarily based on one word choice, Kitty-corner. A lot of my choices were all blue, so they didn’t have a lot to work with. The red options were all over the country.

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  12. Eric says

    It had me as either Utah (correctly, based on ‘potato bug’) or upstate New York (incorrectly, based on ‘sneakers’).

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  13. I got Washington DC, Arlington, VA, and Durham, NC – moved around a lot, but never lived in any of these places and have no relatives from these locations either. Of course, I did drop my native PA “yous guys” and adopted y’all after years of living in the South.

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  14. LB,

    You can’t actually be mistaken for a Southern Belle, unless you know the plural for “y’all”.

    My wife and I live in Durham, NC for several years (while Trish was doing graduate work at Duke). We quickly learned that the plural of “y’all” was “all y’all”!

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  15. “axtracted hillbilly tended ter de desert flatmost”


    I’m going out on a limb here, but I’ll take that as a compliment …

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  16. Dear Henry,
    A decade or so ago, I uttered a phrase that convinced my family that I am a Southern redneck and fit in perfectly in The Deep South. I told my husband, “I already done did it!” I do say, “all y’all” too. I’ve lived in The South many years, lol

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  17. Apparently I am either from San Francisco, San Jose, or Honolulu, though we cannot rule out southern Florida.

    The problem is they failed to ask about “toque” or the CORRECT pronunciation of “about.”

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