The world is on fire today. At the moment I have nothing to add, other than to express my sorrow at the death of the great Johnny Winter.

I did, however, just have a splendid evening, and I’d rather talk briefly about that.

A couple of years ago my lovely wife Nina made the acquaintance, in her professional capacity, of a remarkable gentleman by the name of Hershey Felder. They soon became friends.

Mr. Felder, a man of extraordinary gifts and exquisite aesthetic sensibility, is, among many other things, a concert pianist and theatrical performer. Tonight, at Town Hall, we saw his one-man show Maestro, about the life of Leonard Bernstein. It was, quite literally, spellbinding.

The Chicago Sun-Times reviewed the show a few years ago, here. I believe it will soon be broadcast on national television. See it if you can.

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  1. JK says

    Thanks for a fine fifty minutes …


    (Probably abit too early to’ve had to uncork the Glenfiddich but, certain traditions …

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