Boil That Frog

Yawn… ISIS beheads another American.

You know, when I was younger, that would have been a pretty big deal.


  1. Albert says

    This is becoming the new normal for a new generation of Americans. This, and unisex elementary school bathrooms.

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  2. ol coyote says

    there are many armed white americans (and perhaps other colors as well) who are ready to shoot those barbarians on sight if they make such attempts on our soil. do NOT let go of your weapons- or our social justice warriors will have these creatures of satan working over the crowds at the malls.

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  3. Wait a minute. Aren’t these “people” simply freedom-fighters, struggling to express their desire to practice their own faith-based theology?

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  4. JK says

    Now Henry, don’t you be going anywheres near me “alleging, what’s what” … since I too recall my own Dad, and … as I recall, all his likewise saying (with some truth in it)

    “Medicare was the worst thing happened to the practice of medicine” (I do wonder what he’d opinionated about Medicare Part D but, by that time Dad was as I understand it nowadays “considered” deceased which – given the scheme of things)

    Given his “likewise” freedom-fighter albeit elsewise opinion wondering to myself, “If that Party championed that thing then, but doesn’t on principle, champion the same damn thing now – aren’t the rest of us about to be principally screwed?”

    There was a time not so long ago I was of the general opinion Mencius and Malcolm were, generally speaking … oh, “incorrect” or nearabouts

    But as I’ve considered things

    “… Ships sailing in the Dark …” as screwy an explanation as that appears.

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  5. Run that by me again?

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