Immigration And The Death Of Law

The latest edition of Hillsdale College’s newsletter Imprimis features a strong essay by Heather Mac Donald on the nation’s descent into lawlessness with regard to immigration policy. A great deal of the blame belongs to the Obama administration — which has all but completely abandoned deportation as a response to illegal entry, even by repeat criminal offenders, and whose “executive amnesty” is a brazen usurpation of the power properly belonging to Congress — but hundreds of jurisdictions around the country have also abetted this drift into anarchy by declaring themselves “sanctuaries”.

I won’t post any excerpts, because you should go and read the whole thing, here.

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  1. Whitewall says

    I get these Hillsdale publications as well and they are always thoughtful reading. This one in question is no different. It has been written that democracies eventually decline into dictatorship and it seems the Left, even the whole Democrat party wants to be that dictatorship. They seem comfy in this role. Their inner totalitarian is showing.

    To that end, we get all kinds of agitprop, phony rape epidemics, blacks always the victim of law enforcement…yes I know about yesterday…,the sudden orchestrated outrage against state religious freedom laws, war on women and finally everyone’s favorite- climate. Meantime, this president and his junta are grabbing all the power they can get away with in the hope that once given, the law will be too late to reverse the ill gotten gain.

    The Cold War didn’t end with the fall of the USSR, it only paused changed some players and relocated to America where it was always going to be played out by present day Soviet proxies.

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