We Are The Enemy

Headline at Salon today:

White men must be stopped: The very future of mankind depends on it

Salon is not a “fringe” publication. (Would that it were.) Apparently it has no qualms about declaring race war.

As Saul Alinsky said in his Rule 12: “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.” Comparisons to the presentation of the Jews in German media during the 1930s will not be inapt.

The difference — and one that the author of the Salon piece and his ilk may eventually wish they had borne in mind — is that white American males, overwhelmingly, are the ones who build, maintain, grow, and transport everything that the coastal Eloi depend upon for their continuing existence. And unlike the epicene journalists and academics calling for their subjugation, the aforementioned white American males own the world’s largest privately held arsenal, and if pressed to the wall, will use it. Should Salon and its readership ever seek to make their dream a reality, their adventure will be brief.


  1. joe says

    They’re giving away the game too early, the rest of the the media are waiting for gun control and other things to fall in to place before they declare war.

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  2. Salon is contrarian clickbait. They have a wide range of stuff, mainly intended to provoke outrage usually from the right, but occasionally they will attack liberal sacred cows.

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  3. What are the odds it was written by a white man?

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  4. Bettega says

    Forget the Jews. Kulaks are a better comparison.

    Remember that the left have never really disowned dekulakization. Of course, there is plenty of left-wing criticism of Stalinism, specially the Great Purge and the Moscow trials, but these were events with leftist victims, so that’s understandable. I don’t remember reading any leftist criticism of dekulakization or decossackization. Actually, the only contemporary criticism of forced collectivization is that it wasn’t done brutally enough, and the guy who made that criticism, Leon Trotsky, entered Western mind as a humanist commie.

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  5. whitewall says

    Henry, it appears the Salon article was written by ‘Frank Joyce’. Eunuch of the Collective maybe?

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  6. First they came for the white man. Then specifically for the Jewish white man. Finally, for the Jew of any color, gender, age, or political affiliation — including the Left, you idiots.

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  7. whitewall says

    Grey Enlightenment, I’m not sold on how “smart” Millenials are. Wait until they are given the bills for what they voted for. Smart is one thing, but it doesn’t necessarily equal intelligent.

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  8. Brendan Michael Howard says

    Didn’t you just get done a few weeks ago writing a screed against juvenile, right-wing mental masturbation about the end of days? And your response to this dumb article is to semi-humorously-but-not-really say Salon should watch out because when end of days come, the white Republicans in the Midwest with the farms and the guns will rule? Huh.

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  9. Malcolm says


    In the post you seem to be referring to, my point was that reactionaries who seem eager for the Fall should be aware that it would probably be an extremely unpleasant time for all.

    Here, my point is only that the Left would almost certainly lose the race war they seem so keen to provoke. (I’ll add that their foolish complacency about this is a sign of how anomalously safe and comfortable their world has been for a very long time now.) This is made even more certain by the fact that they would quickly starve in the cities they inhabit, were the people they despise simply to stop supplying them with food.

    I’m afraid I don’t understand your criticism here.

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  10. whitewall says

    BMH…so Salon should be regarded along with the Onion as straight faced satire or something? Sometimes well known publications like Salon might write something as you describe this and only be tongue in cheek. But the headline lingers and works its way through the culture. You do know who controls the culture don’t you? SJWs pick up on this and, in spite of protestations to the contrary, this type of notion seeps into the dialogue. Dangerous stuff.

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  11. Bettega says

    They wouldn’t starve in a race war because they would just revive some variation of the Ural-Siberian method.

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  12. Malcolm says

    Quite a different class of Kulaks over here.

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  13. Epicaric says

    Dangerous stuff indeed, and the national diologue has long been steeped in such rhetoric. With the objects of their disdain hamstrung from responding in turn by the bourgeoise demands of family and career, where any response may put at risk the security of their family, the Left – as Malcolm has noted – may find themselves somewhat besides themselves when the calculus finally shifts such that not responding carries greater cost to oneself and family than the current go-along to get-along. I cannot think of any other example in history when a nation’s core has been so thoroughly demonized. These things rarely end well. One would expect our purported intellectual betters of the Left to be more cognizant of these historical lessons. As I often say, once you have lost me, a product of the best of the Northeastern establishment, you have lost the country.

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  14. ce9999 says

    “What are the odds it was written by a white man?”

    It was, definitely. I found the original article on Alternet, and gave it a quick skim reading. Towards the end, the author admits to being a white man. He’s also a 60’s era civil rights activist.

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  15. Malcolm says

    Epicaric, you wrote:

    “…when the calculus finally shifts such that not responding carries greater cost to oneself and family than the current go-along to get-along…”

    Yes, that’s it exactly. So far the resistance has been minimal.

    I’m reminded of Churchill’s words about the patient American. They were spoken in another context, but are just as apt in this one:

    There are no people in the world who are so slow to develop hostile feelings against a foreign country as the Americans, and there are no people who, once estranged, are more difficult to win back.

    The American eagle sits on his perch, a large, strong bird with formidable beak and claws. There he sits motionless, and M. Gromyko is sent day after day to prod him with a sharp pointed stick — now his neck, now under his wings, now his tail feathers. All the time the eagle keeps quite still. But it would be a great mistake to suppose that nothing is going on inside the breast of the eagle.

    To a great many ordinary Americans this nation is, thanks to people like the author of this article, very quickly becoming “a foreign country”. And much is now stirring “inside the breast of the eagle”.

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  16. pangur says

    A bit of info on this waste of space here: http://www.mchr.org/board-members/

    Money graf: “He and his wife, Mary Anne Barnett, have 3 adult sons and three grandchildren. They live in Grosse Pointe Park, Michigan.”

    Translation: standard issue Acela-style boomer shitlib, securely insulated from the consequences of his insane policies.

    Has there been a worse generation — ever — than the boomers? Short answer: no.

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  17. Malcolm says

    He does have a certain look about him, that one.

    Something of the same quality here.

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  18. @whitewall says

    I’ll have to do more research on the matter. There are a lot of idiot millennials, but as a whole I think they tend to be more receptive to ‘niche’ ideologies such as the alt right.

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  19. JumpinJackFash says

    GE: I am a fan of your blog but only reluctantly. You previously wrote somewhere that kim kardashian has intellectual tendencies about her and thats where you lost me.

    I think the millenials you interact with on reddit are a very small group of people and I get the feeling you are out of touch and insulated from middle america because I suspect you are a high paid computer programmer somewhere in the Bay area (good for you!).

    I read your blog regularly for the information/entertainment…but with a grain of salt.

    Posted December 23, 2015 at 1:11 am | Permalink
  20. He’s also a 60’s era civil rights activist.


    AKA a hippie jerkoff, usually sporting a greasy ponytail and no pants. Nuff said.

    These morons of the boomer generation generally congregate in and around a sanctuary bastion, such as the San Francisco Bay Area, which latter also is a safe haven for psychotic dregs who defecate in public places.

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  21. antiquarian says

    Non-Hispanic white people are something like 77% of the electorate, and men, half that, or 38% or so. Almost 2/3rd of white men are already voting Republican, which is going to be, what, 25%? I’m curious as to the deteriorated mental capacity that imagines that victory is so inevitable that it’s an affordable luxury to lose half of the margin of victory of likely voters right out of the starting gate by openly and blatantly insulting them.

    Not that I’d put it past them, obviously; that this is appearing in a mainstream publication speaks volumes, but then again, so I would have thought, so does the loss since 2009 of over 900 state legislature seats.

    Posted December 28, 2015 at 10:50 pm | Permalink

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