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OK, off for knee-revision surgery at 4:30. Back in harness before too long, I expect. At the very least I’ll post something, just as “proof of life”, as soon as I am able.

If not, carry on! The barbarians are at the gates.

Update, January 13th: I’m back home, but completely knackered. It was a sanguinary four-hour procedure, and I have some blood to manufacture before I’ll have the energy to do much of anything.


  1. Best wishes, Malcolm.

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  2. Kevin Kim says

    Malcolm, if you come out of the operation with four robotic limbs, a black suit of armor, a sinister mechanical breathing apparatus, a skull-like helmet, and intimate knowledge of the dark side of the Force… just roll with it.

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  3. I’ll take a wild-ass guess — Darth Vader?



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  4. Kevin Kim says

    Nicely done, Henry.

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  5. Malcolm says

    I’m out. Hard to kill, it seems.

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  6. Whitewall says

    Malcolm, good news! But you came out looking like that? Staying awake until the wee hours will catch up to you.

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  7. I agree with Robert. Welcome back from the twilight zone. Now go to sleep …

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  8. JK says

    I’m out. Hard to kill, it seems.

    Well it’s good to the first part. As for the second … the SOTU is tonight.

    (Hope you got some good drugs …)

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  9. Whitewall says

    JK, I hope the Republicans laugh at him a few times. We will be watching another installment of “Mr. Selfridge” tonight instead of Himself.

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  10. JK says

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  11. Whitewall says

    Have we surrendered to Iran yet?

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  12. “Have we surrendered to Iran yet?”

    We haven’t, Robert. But the idiot Left has.

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  13. Whitewall says

    Henry, if you get a chance, look on and see the photo. I can’t bring myself to even link to it. Obama–Carter or LBJ.

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  14. Robert,

    Hands down — it’s 0bama.

    “Photo is a direct result of the endless fecklessness and capitulation of an incompetent president who sees American weakness as a feature and American strength as a bug.”
    — Sean Davis is the co-founder of The Federalist.

    [My emphasis in the Davis quote is computer-programming speak.]

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  15. Malcolm says

    Back home now. Very woozy and full of meds.

    That Iranian captured-ship business is outrageous. Photo here.

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  16. Whitewall says

    Malcolm, good to see you back. I trust you left that black costume at the Dr.

    Those photos are Carter all over again. One wonders if Obama was even wearing his pants last night at the SOTU show.

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  17. Moochelle 0bama wears his pants, Robert.

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  18. The worst Presidents Overall Sequence (POS):

    1. Barfack 0bama (I just threw up in my mouth a little bit)

    2. Jimma Cutter (anti-Semitic jerk)

    3. Lyndon Bird Johnson (“I’ll have those niggers voting Democratic for the next 200 years.”)

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  19. djf says

    To compare Obama to Carter or LBJ trivializes the catastrophe of Obama. Obama’s awfulness as president is in league with Buchanan. And that might be unfair to Buchanan.

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  20. djf,

    You are right that Buchanan was worse than LBJ (though I am not sure he was worse than Carter). Moreover, 0bama is in a league of his own — not in the same league as Buchanan.

    I was only referring to the choices WW offered, above.

    0bama = zerobama
    zero NOT “O”

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  21. Whitewall says

    I believe Obama is the only president who hates his own country. Have any of you noticed when he speaks, his right index finger is frequently pointed straight up? He has done that as long as he has been president. I wonder why.

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  22. djf says

    Big Henry, I’m sorry to disagree with you, but I find the idea that Carter was a worse president than Buchanan nonsensical. Carter was a failure as president, yes, but he did no permanent damage to the country and, at the end of his term, he stopped trying to appease the Soviets and began the military build-up that Reagan expanded and continued. Buchanan, on the other hand, did nothing while the country literally fell apart, which was followed by a large war you may have heard of.

    Obama is arguably worse than Buchanan in that you could excuse the latter on the ground that he faced an unprecedented crisis that he did not create. Obama has created his own crises and calls them “successes.”

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  23. JK says

    Ya know (mostly @ Henry) I think I’m gonna go with how djf is framing it.

    I think I’d lean toward taking Carter out of the equation … going to the Yiddish I’m of the mind for Carter, *Vyzoso* isn’t it?

    But its that last paragraph that nails it.

    In my opinion.

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  24. Whitewall says

    Well, among worst presidents, I would add Woodrow Wilson. No friend of the Constitution he, no friend of sound money-hence the Federal Reserve. International meddler…hence our doubtful involvement in WW1, post WW1 meddler in the redrawing of the post war map of the Middle East and S E. Europe. No friend of limited government at home, hence “progressives” abandoning the term for “liberal”. There’s more that could be said.

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  25. OK, we are all in agreement that 0bama is the worst — the only President who hates his own country.

    All the others mentioned were bad, but I don’t much care how you rank them. It’s like trying to rank the greatness of Jerry West, Michael Jordan, and LeBron James — different eras …

    I don’t know what “Vyzoso” means, JK.

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  26. Whitewall says

    From the update, it sounds like Malcolm might be running about a quart low…watch your neck area if you live anywhere near him.

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  27. What update are you talking about, Robert? What does your remark mean?

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  28. Whitewall says

    Henry…the update sometime late yesterday…see last sentence of the 13th post.

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  29. Aha! I’m not used to seeing an update in the original post. Thanx.

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  30. Malcolm says

    Was still bleeding & oozing today — very messy. Had to go back in today to have it all dealt with.

    Back home again, but I’m even more spent than I was before.

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  31. JK says

    @ Henry

    Vyzoso: Idiot (named after youngest son of Haman, archenemy of Jews in Book of Esther); also, penis

    (I cannot recall precisely Henry how, exactly, the word occurred. … Some years ago – the “seed” is probably in these here archives – Malcolm [probably as a metaphor … as I say, I cannot recall the details

    However, I can recall that I needed an obscure but nice way of calling a certain person/official;

    ‘You Sir are a dickhead.’

    Which – rendered from the original Hillbillyianese intent – if the Yiddish word Vyzoso could in the one context be taken as Idiot and in whatever other context, Penis

    Well. You can see Henry, can you not, How that word might fit a hillbilly’s bill?)

    I do recall consulting some number of learned scholars who all, “took one pipe at [sometime] another at [some] other time” … and upon all that consultation with learned scholars I figured (all apologies due to Sinclair Lewis)

    I have my needed word.

    And. I got away with it.

    (So far as I am aware.)

    Posted January 14, 2016 at 9:29 pm | Permalink
  32. JK says

    Posted January 14, 2016 at 9:40 pm | Permalink
  33. JK,

    Thanx for that explanation of the meaning of “Vyzoso”. I never heard the word before, but I am familiar with some of its synonyms.

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  34. Musey says

    Welcome back Malcolm, you were never going to die. Except in your wildest dreams. Fleetwood Mac?

    You should have stayed in hospital longer, but I know why you didn’t!

    Get well soon . No walking around the park for a while.

    Posted January 15, 2016 at 4:20 am | Permalink
  35. Whitewall says

    Musey, it’s been a while. Nice to see you.

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  36. Musey says

    Nice to see you too, Whitewall. Hopefully you’re fit and well.

    Malcolm, as a man who knows his music you probably realized that the “wildest dreams” reference pertained to “The Moody Blues” not Fleetwood Mac. How I could have forgotten that I don’t know because in my student days the girl who occupied the room next to mine presented me with a Moody Blues album in a vain attempt to stop me playing Bob Dylan. It drove her mad listening to his drawl night and day.

    Anyway, maybe you’re feeling a little better today. I do hope so. Just take the happy pills for as long as you need them.

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