We’ve written often (for example, here) about the unbroken ideological and doctrinal thread connecting the Puritanism of the Massachusetts Bay Colony with the modern, secular religion of the Left. The “mission into the wilderness” continues unabated, its outward forms unaltered. All that changes is the temporal object of the mission: the MacGuffin varies from picture to picture, but the plot, and the acting, is always the same. The sin, the atonement, the soteriology are all still there, perfectly intact; why, one hardly even misses God.

Here’s a very good piece, by John McWhorter, on “anti-racism” as an expression of this religious impulse.

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  1. “Confess!”

    OK, I confess. I got me some white privilege. Not at birth, mind you. Back then I got me a whopping dose of Jewishness that would have become a one-way ticket to the Nazi gas chambers, had it not been my great good fortune to have resourceful survivor parents.

    No, I ultimately got my white Ashkenazi privilege after a quarter-century as a full-time student (without pausing for an obligatory couple of years touring Europe); from K-12 to Cornell, and on through the doctoral program at Columbia.

    I got it the old-fashioned way — I earned it.

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