One Cheer for OSU

With a hat-tip to our reader Henry, here is a link to a video of an Ohio State University employee explaining to a group of student protestors that if they do not vacate the building they are occupying, they will be arrested and expelled.

It’s a beginning, and a welcome one, although in my opinion the tone here is far too conciliatory and apologetic. When you’re dealing with children having tantrums, you do not negotiate. But at least OSU seems to have realized who the grownups are, and that’s not nothing. It’s no surprise that they’re a bit out of practice; hopefully they will get better at this sort of thing as time goes by. We’ll see.

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  1. Whitewall says

    Now if only a few of the students can smuggle some boxes of chalk onto campus…Children look away and at the floor when they are doing wrong and being told so. The body language was interesting with the sound off.

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  2. pangur says

    Anything short of a root-and-branch shakeup of the unis would be a waste. This should include:

    -no federal guarantee of student loans — the colleges carry the paper and are fiscally liable should the borrower-student default

    -blind admissions (no reliance on race, gender, etc)

    -no quotas or set-asides

    -abolition of and and all Grievance Studies Departments and the Social Science Departments (as constituted, they’re worthless, but the disciplines might be salvageable)

    -full professors must teach full loads, no relying on adjuncts; speaking of which, that brings me to

    -abolition of the adjunct system

    -abolition of the tenure system

    -civic education integral through all levels of formal education

    This might be a start, but let’s be honest: burning them down and starting over is probably a better idea.

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  3. One might wonder why it took so long for a major university to put a stop to such nonsense. Students have been doing this sort of thing since the sixties when I was in graduate school at Columbia (yes, that one; no, I did not participate in the demonstrations — I was in graduate school).

    I think the reason for such a lethargic (half a century!) response is a reflection of the overwhelmingly Leftist university control by the so-called “grown-ups”. The Leftists cling so fanatically to their permissiveness that their inertia (in opposition to any modification of attitude) is immense. This is also why, as Malcolm noted, the OSU administration was “far too conciliatory and apologetic”.

    The Leftist grown-ups are taking baby steps, albeit in the right direction. The journey of a thousand miles …

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  4. hcm says

    I was present when the group first entered the building. It was a really stupid protest, even by the left’s standard.

    Honestly, I was hoping they would at least have the dedication to see it through and risk expulsions (that would certainly not have happened), but they all cowered at the thought of losing their scholarships and loan money so they left meekly.

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  5. hcm,

    Two questions:

    1. What exactly were they protesting?

    2. What makes you “certain” (there is no certainty about future outcomes) that they would not have been expelled? Do you really think the admins were bluffing?

    OK, that’s technically three questions. My bad.

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  6. Whitewall says

    It seems there are a few adults at Emory University too.

    This guy Milo must be quite a character.

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  7. “Milo led students out of the lecture hall and through campus, settling into Asbury Circle, where he initiated the demonstration by writing “Dangerous Faggot” in the center of the circle.”


    Milo Yiannopoulos appears to have catalyzed an anti-PC response at Emory University. This is a good thing because the PC craze had assumed an inflationary life of its own. Sort of analogous to a runaway stock-market bubble that was bound to burst.

    Whatever one may think about a potential Trump Presidency, I think his campaign is catalyzing an anti-Leftist response from the seemingly moribund “silent majority”. That in itself is a very good thing, in my humble opinion.

    Suggested pro-Trump bumper-sticker:

    “Dangerous Asshole on Board”


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  8. Whitewall says

    Henry I agree. I’ve been looking elsewhere on the web and he appears to have made many appearances on college campi across the country lately. Not sure from whence he came but more power to him. If Trump does nothing else, the arousing of the “silent majority” may be a God send.

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  9. Whitewall says

    It seems more colleges are having “freak outs” over chalking messages and any Trump message. Too funny in a pathetic sort of way.

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  10. Robert,

    Also too pathetic in a funny sort of way.

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  11. Whitewall says

    This is more about where Milo came from…

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