It Can Happen Here

In San Jose last night, supporters of Donald Trump were assaulted by an angry mob as they left a campaign rally.

Nobody should be surprised by this. It is all a perfectly conformant and predictable manifestation of the West’s rapidly advancing social and political disease. It will continue to get worse, probably much more quickly than all but the most pessimistic of us would expect.

As I wrote a year ago:

All of the erosive forces at work here — demographic displacement by poorly assimilated immigrants, low birthrates among cognitive elites, multiculturalism, galloping secularism, centralization of Federal power at the expense of local government, anti-traditionalism, hedonistic apathy, instutionalized disparagement of America’s history, mission, cultural heritage, and mythos, and behind it all the universal acid of radical doubt that is the “poison pill” of the Enlightenment itself — all of these things attack and corrode the horizontal ligatures of American civil society, leaving behind only an atomized population with no binding affinities save their vertical dependence upon a Federal leviathan that is, increasingly, the source of all guidance and blessings.

What this means is that as these forces do their work, they weaken at every point our society’s structural integrity — even as the disintegrative influences, particularly the destructive action of demographic replacement, intensify. It follows naturally, then, that the pace of decay accelerates.

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  1. And the Leftist intolerance beat goes on, in the interest of universal tolerance and equality, doncha know. This is not a parody. It’s a lunatic disease. It’s mendacity.

    The Donald thanks them for illustrating so vividly that which he is trying to inform the shallow information demographic — this is what’s wrong with the Demonrats.

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  2. Whitewall says

    Pretty sick stuff but not unusual for “progressives” of any generation. This year may resemble 1968 as the months go on to the conventions. Philadelphia in July for the Dems will be interesting as the habit of violence all year will show up there as well. This scenario is what helped put Nixon in the WH. Dems had better get out ahead of the violence fast. The ongoing mob violence from 1968 didn’t end in Chicago. It ended the following May at Kent State with 4 dead demonstrators.

    Mobs have to be put down and put down hard even if some are killed. Dead demonstrators at Kent State is what brought the ’60s to a close.

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  3. Whitewall says

    OOPs! Kent State May 1970. Mind slips.

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  4. Tim says

    Malcolm, I think the similarities between Trump and Goldwater are quite strong. Goldwater was the last gasp of the nationalist right before the 1965 immigration act, which in my mind was the final death knell of America (it just took a generation for the effects to manifest). Meanwhile, as history rhythms, rather than Trump representing a resurgence of the nationalist right party as many are clamoring about, Trump may actually be the last gasp of white America before — well, what, exactly? With whites a smaller and smaller percent of the population, the next step may be completely open borders, outright racial discrimination against white people, and worse.

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  5. Tim says

    By the way, Malcolm, you might appreciate Auto Admit as a forum to share your thoughts. It’s been around for 15 years of so and was a law school discussion forum, but since Obama’s second term it’s really become more of a political forum dominated by lawyers with very strong Trump support. The average IQ on the forum is quite high — I’d say 110+. It might take a bit to understand some of the “in” terms thrown around on the forum but it’s worth it. The forum is here:

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  6. Tim says

    I forgot to add, if you check out auto-admit, make sure to click on “CLICK TO VIEW SCHOOL-RELATED + OFF-TOPIC THREADS (Expert Mode)” at the top of the page.

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  7. Malcolm says

    Thanks, Tim. I’ll have a look.

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  8. Musey says

    This isn’t about leftist intolerance. It’s about sanity. That’s only my view.

    I do think you will have blood on the streets if this man gets elected.

    I read a piece by William Hague a couple of weeks back, and he’s alarmed. Also pointing out that many Americans are not aware that the world is watching, bemused.

    A Donald Trump presidency will change everything.

    My son is a cynic. He truly believes that someone will shoot DT. because that’s what you do in the US of A.

    I live in a counrty where the ex prime minister stands by Manly wharf, where most people just walk on by, and one stand out twit says something like “Mate, you’re gone already. Why don’t you just fuck off and die?”

    It’s harsh and it’s not fair, but I am proud to live in a country where that can happen, where an ex-PM is not protected (because he’s quite safe) and where there is no reverence. It’s a bit of an Aussie thing.

    Also, there is a bit of sportsmanship going on here which is why the top two tennis players aren’t playing in the Olympics. Tomic and Kygrios jumped before they were pushed.

    You’ve probably never heard of these guys. They’re obnoxious kids and most Australians would prefer to forgo any glory rather than them representing the country.

    Whitewall, I thought I knew you.

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  9. Whitewall says

    Musey, you know as much of me as I put on screen. I keep a part of my early life off the page. What exactly has surprised you?

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  10. Malcolm says


    I do think you will have blood on the streets if this man gets elected.

    And why would that be? Oh, right — because the insatiable Left, its ranks swollen by millions of invaders with prospects suddenly less certain, will resort to its time-honored tactics: riotous disorder, destruction of property, and mob violence. Why, it’s already begun!

    So the traditional American nation should just sit down for another eight years of displacement and vilification, or else? Well, this time the mood’s a little different; my sense is that a great many people are saying “Enough”. If the Left really wants this fight, this time they’re going to get it.

    Anyway, I should think that people around the world would rather see blood in America’s streets than even more blood and rubble elsewhere — which is kind of a hobby of Hillary Clinton’s.

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  11. Malcolm,

    “And why would that be?”

    I know that question is rhetorical, but I think it is interesting to speculate about the answer.

    In the gauche worldview many concepts are reversed — right becomes wrong, up/down, black/white, etc. In this instance, “Don’t blame the messenger” becomes an emphatic “Do blame him!”. Thus, it becomes perfectly reasonable, in the guache world, to assign blame for a mob’s violence to their victim who dares to criticize the mob. This form of contortion is what the mob terms “progress”.

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  12. Musey says

    Malcolm, I’ve never bought into this left is bad, right is good divide. Extremism is unattractive.

    I admit that I was having a bit of fun yesterday digressing, and generally going off topic. It’s a great to have a meander around and wait to see the reaction. With due respect and a nod to your commenters (and, of course, your good self) I got let off lightly, which isn’t what I was expecting. I was ready to read condescending commentary telling me to go back to reading my romance novels. So, fair play to you all.

    No, I don’t think that the American nation should sit down for another eight years of displacement. Isn’t it four unless you vote for more of the same? By the same token, electing a man who isn’t up to the job, who you know isn’t up to the job even before he gets anywhere near it, could end very badly. It’s a very risky strategy because it assumes that the man has a degree of sanity that he hasn’t displayed so far. Of course, he is loved by Putin and has been proclaimed as a very wise man by Kim Yong whatever, that rather nice porky guy who is a God in North Korea. That is not reassuring.

    The right wing mob is just as ugly as the left. The violence is on both sides and it’s equally unacceptable. You say Malcolm that if the left really want a fight “this time they’re going to get it”. A call to arms if ever I heard one, except that the vast majority would have no part of it at all.

    Whitewall, I like you very much because you’ve always been very kind towards me and that didn’t go unnoticed. So thank you. You come over a a very gallant, white knight. Intelligent, gentle and lovely. It’s only recently that you’ve come out of your shell and expressed your views more strongly. Either that, or I have only just tuned in. I’m just surprised by the vehemence of your attitude that I hadn’t picked up on at all. When you asserted recently, that feminism was to blame for all the world’s ills it came over as overkill, to me. Coupled with the rants (by all assembled here) about the “Left”, I can’t take it too seriously. Your early life and what you choose not to divulge or not, is completely up to you.

    Malcolm, I don’t wish for blood in the street. Not anywhere, definitely not in America.

    Totally off-topic again, I played the organ for a young couple today in an Anglican church. The bride was beautiful, the groom was handsome. The vicar hasn’t been paid yet (apparently charges apply for the church venue etc), neither have I. I spoke to the mother of the bride, in passing, and she told me that (not that I asked) the money would be forthcoming as soon as they had it. It was a bit awkward and so I suggested that it might be a wedding gift from me Just forget it. The result: one irate vicar. Musey, they’re taking advantage and anyway, I need the money, the church needs the money. Get real. Right. Or as Malcolm might say, got it.

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  13. colinhutton says

    Hi Musey
    I am surprised that you find anything that Mr Hague (more properly : The Right Honourable The Lord Hague of Richmond PC FRSL) might have to say as either interesting or relevant. A failed leader of the UK Conservative Party and an ex-MP of meagre achievements. And, in the lingo around here, demonstrably a cuckservative.

    Also his criticisms of Trump suggest he probably holds us Aussies in contempt as well. Far too rude and uncouth for his oh so refained taste.

    If you really want a British take on Trump, try:

    which is insightful as well as amusing.

    As for your “A Donald Trump presidency will change everything” : well, with respect, that’s the whole point!

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  14. Whitewall says

    Hello Musey. I have to ask about this..”The right wing mob is just as ugly as the left. The violence is on both sides and it’s equally unacceptable.” This moral equivalence can be seen in America right now? Where in America is this RW mob in the streets?

    Anyway, I am reacting very much like people in this part of America-the American South. People like me are raised to be polite and hospitable with some degree of manners. I do try. But these “events” are growing louder and more threatening. My sort of people by tradition and heritage don’t take kindly to that sort of thing. Thus I react normally when pushed too far. Same coin but the sides are dramatically different if need be.

    I see you are an organist? If I picture a large pipe organ, say a Tannenberg of the 19th century, would I be close?

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  15. JK says

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  16. JK says

    If I picture a large pipe organ, say a Tannenberg of the 19th century, would I be close?



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  17. Malcolm says


    The right wing mob is just as ugly as the left. The violence is on both sides and it’s equally unacceptable.

    As Whitewall has already pointed out, this is simply false. Left-wing mobs routinely engage in rioting, looting and violence in present-day America. Where is the right-wing Ferguson or Baltimore?

    When the Right comes out to protest, as in the Tea Party rallies we saw a few years ago, they are civil and polite and even clean up after themselves. When the Left takes to the streets, they smash windows, overturn cars, defecate on public property, and assault strangers.

    This makes perfect sense, because the Right seeks order, and the Left, disorder.

    You say Malcolm that if the left really want a fight “this time they’re going to get it”. A call to arms if ever I heard one…

    No: just an observation.

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  18. JK says

    I hope I can be clear to you Musey without, as is said gettin’ you lost in the weeds. Whitewall states up the thread (among other things)

    But these “events” are growing louder and more threatening. My sort of people by tradition and heritage

    You’ve heard I suppose Musey of “our” Muhammad Ali – the boxer – who died so recently? … Well, I’m gonna have to start somewhere so, just a short intro:

    These days Musey you’re probably aware we here a having a bit of a fuss about everybody’s First Amendments protections? That nowadays, very curiously The Left has somehow “pretzeled the argument” into the Democrats are protecting everybody’s freedoms from the Republicans (Trump et al) constantly/historically denying minorities their Right to speak uncomfortable stuff?

    Here’re some remembrances (the above link serving as preface & thus my tie-in to The Boxer) from 2013 BT [Before Trump].

    I happened to stumble on some old Arkansas Traveler newspapers a few months ago and among them were several papers about a controversy that arose in February 1969 about the scheduling of Muhammad Ali to speak at the University of Arkansas Symposium ’69, a student-run lecture series.

    The controversy stated soon after a story was published on February 13, 1969 in the Arkansas Gazette providing information on the lineup of speakers for Symposium ’69.

    Opposition to Ali’s UA speech surfaced in articles published on February 20th in the Arkansas Democrat and on February 21st in the Arkansas Gazette. These articles described an exchange of letters by the Pulaski Businessmen’s Association of Little Rock and UA president David Mullins. The Association’s letter asked Mullins to “take immediate action to prevent Clay or any un-American activity to reach our campus.” Mullins had responded by refusing to take the requested action. Mullins wrote, “previous experience with Symposium speakers has indicated the capacity of students to evaluate and place in proper perspective the expressions and viewpoints of any speaker…” He continued, “The presentation of divergent viewpoints is one of the recognized functions of the university.”

    (Golly imagine that, there being a time a Uni President could get away with saying, “The presentation of divergent viewpoints is one of the recognized functions of the university.”)

    A few days later, on February 25, state Senator Milt Earnhart of Fort Smith introduced a resolution in the State Senate to condemn Ali’s upcoming appearance at the University of Arkansas. Earnhart had served in the state House of Representatives from 1958 through 1967, then had been elected to the state senate in 1968. One of his campaign cards listed among his qualifications his introduction of a law to outlaw the communist party.

    Sen. Sprick condemned UA President Mullins for approving Clay’s appearance, saying “He’s running a college up there and doesn’t have anything to say about it, and he’s mealy mouthed anyway.”

    [T]wo other state senators spoke against the resolution. One was the only Republican in the state Senate, Sen. Jim Caldwell of Rogers, a Church of Christ minister.

    The Ali matter gained some more visibility on the UA campus on March 12, the day of the speech when two letters about it were published in the Arkansas Traveler. One letter, from Sen. Milt Earnhart […] In his letter, Earnhart suggested that communists were behind “Clay” and his actions. He wrote: “We are at a point now, where we must fight Communism everywhere it is detected, and if you believe a character like Clay is not encouraged by Communists, you would be more naive than I believe you are!” He asserted the issue was not about “freedom of speech,” but about good taste.


    Six days after the Ali speech, three state senators and a state respresentative traveled to the University of Arkansas to take part in a special session of Symposium ’69. Two of the speakers, Sen. Guy “Mutt” Jones and Milt Earnhart came to explain why Ali should not have been allowed to speak on the UA campus. Sen. Jim Caldwell of Rogers, the only Republican in the state senate, and Rep. Herbert Rule of Little Rock came to defend his appearance.


    Before giving my perspective on the meaning of this controversy, I want to confess to my antics in the affair. First, I was one of the smart alecks of the University of Arkansas Young Republican Club who stirred the Ali pot with a couple of resolutions passed by its executive committee (mainly, Skip Carney and me, plus some others I don’t recall). One resolution condemned attempts to stop Ali from coming to the UA as “intolerant, misguided paternalism that is completely unnecessary and an insult to the maturity of the students and the responsibility of the faculty and administration.” The second resolution read:

    Whereas, State Sen. Dan T. Sprick stated on Feb. 28, 1969 that he was willing to go to Vietnam to fight immediately if President Richard Nixon summoned him; and

    Whereas, such a journey by Sen. Sprick would immediately improve Arkansas and could not hurt Vietnam;

    Be It Therefore Resolved: The UofA YRC urgently requests that President Nixon immediately ask Senator Sprick to go to Vietnam;

    And Be It Further Resolved: The Young Republican Club requests Private Sprick to invite Sen. Mutt Jones, Sen. Milt Earnhart, and Sen. Melvin Chambers join him on this trip.

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  19. JK,

    One was the only Republican in the state Senate, Sen. Jim Caldwell of Rogers, a Church of Christ minister.

    Just to be absolutely clear, are you saying that all those who vociferously opposed Ali’s appearance at the University of Arkansas were Democrats? How can this possibly be, given that, according to the Democrat party, it is the Democrats who “are protecting everybody’s freedoms from the Republicans (Trump, et al.) [who are] constantly/historically denying [the] minorities their Right to speak uncomfortable stuff”?

    I don’t understand. Are you suggesting that the Leftists just make things up as they go along, simply making false pronouncements designed to befuddle their perpetually perplexed low-information followers?

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  20. JK says

    Golly Henry. Sure am happy you showed up before Musey could get here. … I suppose my “sentencing/grammar constructioning” leaves a tad bit of to be desirous of?

    Will allow me some Histrionicifying?

    In 2008 Arkansas, even though every scurvy dog majority in every legislative office was “solidly Democrat” – McCain eked out (and just) a plurality for POTUS.

    But then 2010 rolled around and … oh I guess I’ll go with *a certain buyer’s remorse* set in and, for the first time since 1874 the Republican party took a slight majority in both chambers of the Arkansas legislature.

    Then, rolls around 2012 and, again since 1874, the last of the Arkie Washington DofC serving Democrats was put to lobbying instead of cashing votes in that hollowed (or … ‘hallowed’? … ain’t got time for no dictionary, sorry Henry) chamber known as the US Senate. And, plus to that, increased both Arkie-based houses Republican majorities and gained the Governorship!


    But anyways Henry … ain’t you ever heerd of Orville Gee Governor Faubus?

    Central High School ring a bell? 1957?

    (Still an all I guess I ought point out Arkansas ain’t been all downhill through the years.)

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  21. JK says

    Lemme try that again. Sorry Henry.

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  22. JK,

    “Golly Henry. Sure am happy you showed up before Musey could get here.”

    If you’re happy, bro, I’m happy.

    Y’all be cool.

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  23. Musey says

    Whitewall, I am a reluctant organist. My first love is the piano and I’m much more comfortable playing that instrument rather than dealing with all the organ paraphernalia..which could almost sound rude but it’s probably just me.

    Right wing protests in Europe have, historically, been nasty affairs to equal to anything that the wicked Left might come up with. Shaved heads, swastikas, and violent and intimidating behaviour is the norm but I’ll concede that that isn’t the American experience. Yet.

    JK, as if I’m going to notice sentencing/grammar construction. Don’t be silly. I is a woman.

    Mister Hutton, I know William Hague through my sister who knows him through her husband. It must be name-dropping time. My BIL was a leading light of the YCs at Oxford and a direct contemporary of William Hague. I have a certain fondness towards him and a bit of loyalty. He was made leader far too soon. He’s a long way from being “refained” with his broad Yorkshire accent and his somewhat comical pronunciation. Especially when he says CONservative which he is forced to do all the time.

    JK, the Young Conservatives must surely be the British equivalent of the young Republicans.

    Whitewall, you didn’t take up my point on feminism and your view that it is the single most deadly threat to society. As a bit of a luke-warm wimp on feminism, especially when it gets stupid, I was surprised that it was your main concern. I’d love to understand why it’s so far up your list of undesirables.

    Can I tell one more story? Did you say no? Well, I’m telling you this one and it’s completely true, unembellished. We were having dinner with friends discussing how much our houses were worth. Nothing can make you feel so rich! Peter, our neighbour was talking about a house over the road that changed hands before we were here, and he did a Musey. He went off at a tangent. I should be careful here because this could be identifying, but the story was that this couple, pillars of the community, professionals, were going through some difficulties. He was prone to depression. At some point, he went into his garage and chopped off his lower arm with a circular saw. We were quite horrified and muttered the usual platitudes, as you do when you hear about someone in a horrible situation but you you don’t know them. When he’d finished telling his story there was a short pause before he said, “Yeah, yeah, awful. You know, his wife was a feminist type”. I had to laugh before I said “Oooh, it’s all her fault then?”. Oh no, that’s not what he meant at all.

    Malcolm, you told me that I appeared to be looking forward to confrontation (in a recent post). Considering that something is likely to happen is not the same as wanting it to happen. I think we’re quits.

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  24. Malcolm says

    Musey, if you think I’m hoping for violent social collapse, you’re very much mistaken.

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  25. Musey says

    Malcolm, I know you’re not. Neither am I.

    To address other issues, I know all about Mohammad Ali. I grew up knowing about him and I do remember when he went on to the Michael Parkinson show and all hell was let loose because he was asked about whether he was literate. Do bear in mind, that the question was asked in a very benign, almost complimentary way, as in, how fabulous it is that you are so articulate without being schooled. Hell broke loose.

    We had a lesson at school a few days later when we were asked whether we were on Ali’s side, or poor old Parky who just slipped up. A very even divide in my form room

    My father used to laugh with Ali, the great boxer, and he found his talk engaging but there was always a hint of the ridiculous about it. That’s why it was such fun. RIP Mohammad Ali. We’ll not be allowed to see your like again.

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  26. Whitewall says

    Good morning Musey. “Whitewall, you didn’t take up my point on feminism and your view that it is the single most deadly threat to society”. I don’t remember writing that exactly but I have written and will write that Leftism has been and is the deadliest threat to our society(s). Feminism, especially radicalized forms are an integral part of the over all threat of Leftism. It has done so much damage to male/female interaction that males of this generation are reluctant to interact with young women, and young women are imagining threats and “micro aggressions” with every word and act by young men. Pretty soon, males will begin looking for actual mentally stable and secure women among immigrant groups, while young women will be demanding every sort of protection they can think up. Males will be, as normal, mate shopping while the women will retreat into some kind of modern Victorian era expectation of protection.

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  27. colinhutton says


    A touch of sarcasm in your response to me – like it. Partly deserved.

    Your avuncular (avaunticular?) type interest is understandable.

    ‘Partly deserved’ because I had checked his background before my comment, so my implication that he was a toff was unfair.

    o.t.o.h. I had also taken the precaution of checking out the details of what he had actually said about Trump. Very precious/supercilious.

    Keep dry up there. I’m in M’bne – trying to keep warm.

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  28. Malcolm says


    Malcolm, I know you’re not. Neither am I.

    Didn’t think you were.

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  29. Musey says

    Thanks Colin, these life peerage things are apt to be confusing, conferring grand titles on people from ordinary backgrounds. Part of the reason that WH is so popular amongst the Conservative elite is precisely because he isn’t one of them and can’t reasonably be described as a “typical Tory”. I wasn’t being sarcastic. It’s an easy mistake to make.

    Whitewall, most young people are carrying on like they always have done. Radicalized feminism is fringe stuff and most people have the common sense to see it for what it is, the ravings of a few. I don’t think that the women will withdraw and the men will just carry on regardless. I don’t believe that women will be “demanding every kind of protection” and you sound like you’re suggesting that female mental stability is the preserve of immigrant women. Needless to say, I’m not having that either.

    I have three sons who are doing everything in traditional fashion, albeit at a more mature age than we did. Relations between men and women haven’t changed that much. And much as I hate to say it, it’s not the young men who are complaining. It’s older men who think that young women are asking for too much and should step back into more traditional roles. I don’t see that happening. The society in which we live expects women to work and to contribute to the bottom line. That’s a change and we are dealing with it.

    I will concede on thing:there is a bit of an organized push to promote the idea of males being inherently violent. Colin, you should look out for this insane advert “authorized by the Australian Government, Canberra” which shows a young girl being shoved by a young boy. She falls down and the mother races over and asks solicitously “Are you alright?” This is swiftly followed by the directive to “Stop violence against women now”. Using children in a ridiculous advert in order to let everyone know that you care about women is a turn-off. I don’t like the suggestion that all boys are violent and all girls are potential victims, and neither do most sensible people. And most people are sensible.

    Colin, it’s stopped raining but everything is completely soaked. We do get such spectacular storms in this country. This weekend’s wedding (mentioned earlier) was rain-affected and the poor bride was left sitting in a car outside for almost half an hour because she didn’t want to go down the aisle “looking like a drowned rat”. I was running out of music. I shouldn’t have been so mean about the vicar because he’s a good person and his job is not easy. He did come over to me when I was wondering when proceedings might start to explain the delay.”The bride is stuck in the bloody car. It’s blooding deluging out there”. I think he may have uttered an even naughtier word as he hurried away, but my hearing isn’t what it used to be. I do love vicars.

    Malcolm, thanks.

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  30. JK says

    Doldrums down in the Antipodes today?

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  31. Musey says

    Bright and sunny JK. but recovering from a massive “rainfall event”. The roads were rivers over the weekend. In Tasmania there is a dangerous situation developing, evacuations in progress and quite a lot of fear. Never mind, the footage is spectacular.

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