After The Republic

It’s September, and the lovely fall weather is here. Feeling refreshed and optimistic? Well, snap out of it. Need some help with that? This jeremiad, by the distinguished scholar Angelo Codevilla, ought to do the trick.


  1. Whitewall says

    Quite eye opening. We “deplorables” and “irredemables” may have to get used to behaving just that way. After all, if we are beyond redemption, we have little to lose. Our enemies will have much to lose if our fury is turned on them. “What they want, beyond an end to the ruling class’s outrages, has never been clear.”. Really? How about a better class of elites, a decent group of people to govern and not gangster government driven by graft? What if organized Christians suddenly decide to “turn no cheek” when assaulted by SJWs and government flunky types and their lawyers. Copy Islam–cross us and you die.

    We seem to be heading into that which comes next and this may be necessary before we come to what is either next or used to be– a long long time ago.

    In one sense I’m glad I am a senior citizen. But a more ancient part of my nature makes me wish I was maybe 30 with the capabilities I had back then.

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  2. Whitewall says

    A short piece

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