I’ve been on the road all day — eight hours battling traffic in a fully loaded car with wife, daughter, grandson, and mother-in-law — and only made it to the stormy Outer Cape late this evening. We hadn’t listened to the news during the trip — the A.M. radio in our old Volvo stopped working a few years back — so imagine my delight, when I logged on just now, to find out that the F.B.I. is re-opening its investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails. Better yet, the whole thing came back to bite her because of the investigation into Huma Abedin’s estranged husband’s sexual perversions. It couldn’t have happened to a nicer bunch of people.

It’s hard to imagine that the bureau would have taken this step, at this crucial time, if they didn’t have something pretty big. As one presidential aspirant remarked upon hearing the news: “perhaps, finally, justice will be done.” Maybe, at last, it will. Hope springs eternal.

I’m reminded of something a noted sage of the Left once said, right here in these pages: “Schadenfreude: it’s a beautiful thing.”


  1. colinhutton says

    Schadenfreude : the emotion you experience as you witness the Mercedes bumping into a BMW.

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  2. Whitewall says

    I guess the American “Luegenpresse” will have to double down in their work to smear Trump and the FBI to help Hillary.

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  3. Whitewall says

    Wait a minute! “Our old Volvo”? Say it ain’t so!

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  4. Malcolm says


    Wait a minute! “Our old Volvo”? Say it ain’t so!

    It’s so. 2007 wagon, 135,000 miles.

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  5. JK says

    Actually, kept vehicles make for more dependable (fewer nasty surprises) electronics. So that, when the ol’ AM eventually craps out, its simply an Oh Well moment and since we’ve got new phones anyway …

    If there is another notorious Trump video to be leaked, the Clintons should probably leak it now. Then her allies in media can talk about misogyny and sexual politics and the headlines can be all about Trump as the boor he is and Hillary as champion of female victims

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  6. Whitewall says

    JK, there’s truth in the old vehicle thing. My last truck, before this nice comfy leather trimmed “retirement truck” I now have, was a 1994 F150. When I sold it, it had 313 thousand miles on it. All driven by me.

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  7. JamesG says

    All credit to America’s best investigative news organization: The UK’s Daily

    They found and published Weiner’s sext with a minor which led the FBI to seize his computer.

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  8. Malcolm says

    It all comes together here: Anthony Weiner, the prowling, pugnacious pervert. Huma Abedin, his wife, whose family is in effect a branch office of the Muslim Brotherhood. And of course, the Clintons: a rapist and serial sexual predator, an enabler of rapists and tormentor of their victims, and together a world-class influence-peddling and money-laundering criminal syndicate at the highest levels of global power.

    The stench rising from this campaign, and from this party’s leadership, will befoul American politics for a generation or more.

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  9. Up2L8 says

    Actually, kept vehicles make for more dependable

    How true in many instances. Myself, owning an 1990 Buick skylark, 80,150 actual miles.

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  10. Tina says

    Throughout the whole “investigation” and congressional hearings about the email server, I kept asking: why aren’t they treating this like any criminal investigation? Why isn’t there a grand jury to look over the evidence, then the testimony would be at a TRIAL? These are not crimes in which “intent” or even “ignorance” are defenses.

    Paul Sperry is finally pushing the truth, that the FBI did a whitewash instead of an investigation:

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  11. Whitewall says

    The Post article shows how hard it is to unwash a white wash. A national election fraud is being aided by as much hurried “early voting” as possible. This election is “rigged” from that stand point as well as the political white wash by the FBI to aid the Clinton camp. What comes in contact with a Clinton becomes tarnished. When Federal agency after Federal agency becomes complicit in aiding one political party, along with the national media…we no longer have free and fair elections or anything else. We end up with a bloodless coup via bureaucracy which is under way right now. No matter what, HRC is dirty and illegitimate. Lock her up.

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  12. JK says

    Only thing really we can be (relatively) sure of is, it would be highly unusual were Weiner to get [apologies] blanket immunity.

    And that’s likely what’s giving all these Washington DC lawyers [again, apologies] the willies.

    Trick or Treat.

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  13. Up2L8 says

    That seems to be the standard these days. Not sure it would be necessary in this instance as the FBI, thru subpoenas, have Weiners computer(s).

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  14. Whitewall says

    The technical ins and outs of erased and stored emails are well beyond my pay grade but here are some good comments by someone who is in the IT biz with years of experience. Note the comments by the writer named “Loz”:

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  15. JK says

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  16. Malcolm says


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  17. JK,

    “Now, Huma is widely known as Hillary’s ‘right-hand’ and a close personal friend.”

    For most guys, their right hand is usually their first girlfriend, except for the lefties, of course.

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  18. JK says

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  19. Troy says

    I don’t think Clinton, Inc. has another scandal in the bag, unless it has been released by now (1:11 pm Mountain Time. Let me look at the Clinton News Network real quick…… Nope. NOthing.

    Been reading all the deplorable web sites. i.e. and there are a lot of rumors. But all seem to agree that there must be something big and that Comey is CYA;ing. Rumors include 1) Habib, Huma, whatever her name is, is a spy. 2) International sex ring. 3) Hillary sexual predispositions…. those sorts of things.

    Another common consensus is that it was something the mutinous FBI agents or whoever was gonna leak whether Comey wanted it or not. So this was his chance to get ahead of it and save his skin.

    I wish I had buckets to catch all these lefty tears. It is awesome.

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  20. Tina says

    Whitewall @10:58 am, agreed. The “Early Voting” business is designed to encourage (and hide) all kinds of mischief. It concerns me that campaigns don’t seem to have picked up on the need to keep pollwatchers in place throughout the early voting period as well as on final election day. Mr Trump has also raised questions about Colorado’s “everybody vote by mail” method.

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  21. Whitewall says

    Hope I’m not jumping the gun on content or anything, but Diplomad has experience with the FBI and offers this:

    The sewage that is Clintonism

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