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  1. Whitewall says

    “There was a lot of static going on. He-Obama- had to prove that he wasn’t a communist.”

    Echo chamber is right! Obama managed to prove he was a sympathetic cultural Marxist though.

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  2. Whitewall says

    The Echo Chamber got louder and more unstable today with Obama’s “other world” final news conference. Denial, transference, evade reality, paranoia. Total wipe out of mental health.

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  3. Olorin says

    These progs are all up in everybody’s grill all the time…about equal this and blank slate that and democracy the other thing.

    Yet when a question is raised about whether a sitting POTUS’s failures might have led voters to reject his entire program and elect someone offering a very different set of views and programs…

    …it’s because race racial racism or age agey ageism or sex sexy sexism or etc.

    Thus they betray their (deeply held but lied about) view that blacks, women, elders, etc., cannot be treated like regular adults. Whose choices and actions have consequences and are subject to input by others, particularly when they are elected officials getting that input from voters. If they fail? It must be someone else’s fault!

    I long ago concluded that when Dems/Progs call their opponents racist xenophobic bigots, it’s simply projection. Which is why I laugh when they get all bodice-heave-y about neoreactionaries, anti-egalitarians, alt-righties, and so on.

    And boy, do the Dems love to cough up candidates who can fail and fail and fail again…but it can be excused. Because black, because old woman, etc. You’d almost think that their role in our political system is to lose and lose and lose again…with lots of excuses…and somehow still The Establishment.

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