Figure And Ground

I always have to admire those who present quantitative data in visually compelling ways. With a hat-tip to David Duff, here is a wonderful example: Trumpland and the Clinton Archipelago, from the site Vivid Maps.


  1. Here’s a simple example that illustrates why we must have an electoral college for the presidential election.

    Suppose that the vast majority of our population all lived (and voted Democrat) in California, leaving the rest in the other 49 states and in the District of Columbia (DC having 3 electoral votes). Moreover, suppose that this great majority of people living in California left only enough people in the other 49 states to accommodate 4 congressmen per state, thereby giving these 49 other states 6 electoral votes each.

    The arithmetic is simple:

    49 X 6 = 294 + 3 (for DC) = 297 electoral votes.

    538 – 297 = 241 electoral votes for California.

    270 – 241 = 29 more votes California needs to elect its choice for President.

    Thus, California would need a minimum of 5 other states to elect its choice.

    If the presidential election was based on popular votes, however, California, under these circumstances would determine the outcome without any other state (or DC) having any say in the matter. Obviously, that would be a total disaster for the entire world.

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  2. Tina says

    Aren’t these amazing?!?!? When I shared them on FB, I wrote about Clinton Archipelago:
    No wonder Left isn’t afraid of FEMA camps They all already live in one! This map shows cramped congested Clinton-voting cities. Notice that even in these areas Hillary Clinton won, she barely exceeded 50% of the vote in most.
    And about TrumpLand:
    This map shows how the Trump Electorate covers the vast American continent “from sea to shining sea”. Notice that in almost the entirety of the land mass, he won by 70% margins or more.

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