Time Out

It’s been a busy few days, with little time to write. (Nor, to tell the truth, have I had much I’ve wanted to say.) I spent the weekend playing music with friends, which is a much healthier pastime than brooding on the great sucking vortex that forms the current, crepuscular era of Western culture and politics.

With regard to said vortex, however, here are two recent gleanings: Victor Davis Hanson on the Alt-Left, and the irrepressible Jim Goad (good on substance, if not exactly my kind of style) on this endless Trump-Russia business.

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  1. Whitewall says

    From Goad’s article:
    “You remember the Democrats, don’t you? They were the party who for decades would gaslight anyone concerned about Soviet communism as being some paranoid dupe of propaganda, sneering at them coastal-elite-style as some low-info true believer in the “Red Scare.” Mind you, this was when Russians actually were infiltrating US government and media.”

    It seems things have come full circle. Instead of worrying about Russian infiltrators, we have to worry about Democrat infiltrators.

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