Four years ago, I wrote the following thing:

America’s ideological landscape is like the continent itself: transected by deep fault-lines at the irregular boundaries of rigid plates. Though crushed tightly together, these great masses seek to move in different directions, and so they strain relentlessly against one another. The pressure builds, and builds — until, sooner or later, it must release itself in a destructive convulsion. …

The plates press and moan and grumble. The water in the wells is rising, and muddy. Dogs and cats fidget restlessly. Farm animals are balky and skittish. Migraines are up sharply, and radios are on the fritz.

The ground began to tremble in earnest today. If you are the worrying sort, now would be a good time to start.

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  1. Whitewall says

    I don’t know…yesterday and similar events still remind me of 1967-1969. Looking around the web, I see Lefties are hoping the Republican party will have their “1968” moment. They won’t. Most likely Dems will have their own again…and a 1969 and a 1970. The Republican party has many factions which makes governing difficult for a party that finds governing at all somewhat unsavory. The Dems have only two factions at the moment, the Left and the quiet. That won’t last. The former believes the latter to be ideologically impure while the latter knows the former can’t win and can never govern. This will be the stuff of another “1968”.

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