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Everyone’s abuzz about last night’s State of the Union address, and I’ll say that I enjoyed it quite a bit myself: it was an hour-and-a-half long trolling of the Democrats in a way that was at least eight years overdue. Their discomfiture was so acute that they lost all concern for the political optics of […]

Service Notice

Now my email’s broken. If you’ve been trying to email me and I haven’t replied, or you’ve gotten a message-undeliverable notice, that’s why. On the line with support again (my new hobby, it seems). It’s a sign of the times that it’s so disturbing to be disconnected like this. Update, 3 p.m. EST: email’s all […]

Racist Thing #102


Adventures In Machineland

To get this site back up and running over the past couple of days, I created an account with a security company that does automated scanning and malware removal. After a day of work, the machinery had got the site cleaned up well enough for Bluehost to put it back online. When I went back […]

Service Notice

Well! We’re back, it seems, after having been shut down for two days. What happened was this: while looking in to the problem we’ve been having with comment-form caching, the Bluehost admins found that the site had been riddled with viruses and malware. They suspended it until I could get it cleaned up, which I […]

E Pluribus Unum

A noble sentiment, but I think we’ve got our work cut out for us.


Timeless advice, never given more beautifully.

The New Cathars

I thank Bill Keezer for sending me an excellent essay, by law professor Amy Wax, on the collapse of civil discourse in academia. Professor Wax has had a better opportunity than most of us to observe this collapse first-hand, thanks to the cataract of abuse she endured for having commented publicly on another socially destructive […]

What Does ‘Free’ Mean?

Here’s a little video clip of Michael Shermer and Jordan Petersen discussing free will. Although there isn’t a whole lot of detail here, the view they seem to converge on is not far from my own. (I haven’t written about this in ages.) See my own posts on this topic, in the series of links […]

1. Plant Petard. 2. Press “Hoist”.

Well! It appears the shutdown’s over. (Somehow, the nation survived.) It would take real determination not to see this as a political win for Donald Trump, and a black eye for Chuck Schumer. As we noted on Friday, the Democrats had three separate chances to make a deal, and there was never anything in the […]

Star Trek

This is nice: a 3D simulated fly-through of the Orion Nebula, in visible and infrared light. What times we live in! The nature of astronomical nebulae was almost completely unknown as recently as the beginning of the last century; it wasn’t even a hundred years ago that astronomers debated whether the spiral nebulae* might in […]

Here We Go Again

Well, another government shutdown looms. The Democrats are refusing to sign on to a budget resolution, because it doesn’t include a “clean” DREAM act. Over at Hot Air, “Allahpundit” explains: Let’s run through this again, because job one for Schumer and Pelosi over the next 24 hours will be to muddy waters that are actually […]


A little birdie just whispered into my ear the words “Project Pelican”. I’m sure it’s nothing to worry about…


The problem is more widespread than we think, folks.

Places And People Are Not All The Same

Required reading, sent my way by several readers this morning: a former Peace Corps volunteer’s reflections on her time in Africa. Here.

Windshield v. Bug

If there’s anything worse than an imbecile, it’s a smug imbecile. And — forgive me if this seems ungallant — if there’s anything worse than that, it’s a smug, “progressive” imbecile with a chip on her shoulder (but I fear I repeat myself). When it gets better is when such a person is put in […]


Thirty-three years ago, Harvard severed all connections to single-sex clubs such as fraternities and sororities; since then these organizations have been entirely independent of the university. Now, in a repressive blow against freedom of association, Harvard has decided that merely distancing itself wasn’t enough: it will henceforward seek out and punish students who are members […]

Road Kill

A while back I asked: is digital civilization sustainable? I wondered whether we had, in the long run, any good reason to expect cybersecurity to stay out in front of those who work around the clock to breach it. Despite ever-increasing (and increasingly burdensome) layers of security, we seemed to be, at best, neck-and neck […]

On Laïcité And The Cryptoreligion Of the Modern West

Over at the Maverick Philosopher Bill Vallicella has published a post commenting on the failure of “Laïcité” — the doctrine of separation of church and state, intended to pre-empt religious political factionalism — in Europe. Bill advances the argument that, because modern Leftists are such unreflective secularists, they’ve lost their understanding of the “deep-rootedness” of […]


Here’s another from VDH: President Nobama. Hardly a day goes by without some reminder of what a miraculous stroke of fortune it was, in what Professor Hanson calls “the lateness of the national hour”, that Hillary Clinton lost that election.


I’m note with sorrow the death of Dolores O’Riordan, lead singer of the Irish group the Cranberries. She was a unique talent, with a haunting, unforgettable voice. Ms. O’Riordan suffered throughout her brief life, battling depression and anorexia. From her pain came beautiful, sometimes gorgeously uplifting music. We should be grateful to her for that […]


Good piece today by Victor Davis Hanson on how an antagonistic news network might have treated the declining Franklin D. Roosevelt. Here.

Let The Tweeter Beware

Here’s the latest Project Veritas video about Twitter. You shouldn’t be surprised by any of this. When it comes to “free” online services, the rule is: if you aren’t the customer, you’re the product.

The Truth Will Set You Free — Of An Income

The blogger JayMan (one of the most intelligent and articulate voices you’ll find online) comments on the Steven Pinker brouhaha, here. In my own comments a couple of days ago, I said that “Dr. Pinker, quite understandably for someone who wishes to remain employed”, was “trying to thread a needle.” JayMan puts this far more […]


Thought experiment regarding immigration from “shithole” countries: 1) Think of a so-called “shithole” country, and one that obviously isn’t (say, Haiti and Finland). 2) Swap all the people, leaving all their stuff behind. 3) Check back in 25 years. 4) What results do we expect?   P.S. I don’t mean to belabor this topic, but […]

Is It Just Us?

A foible of the English language is our fondness for words that repeat a syllable (or two) with a different vowel. Some examples: Flim-flam Tip-top Flip-flop Hip-hop Mish-mash Zig-zag Pitter-patter Chit-chat Riff-raff I’m sure you can think of others. (There are also examples that are purely imitative of sounds, such as “ding-dong”, “tick-tock”, and “clip-clop”, […]

Pinker And The Priests

Steven Pinker, who by some miracle still finds himself employed despite holding some deeply heretical notions (of which those he expresses are surely just the tip of the iceberg), is under fire today for some remarks he made at a panel at Harvard. The snippet that’s been making the rounds is this: The other way […]

Down In The Valley

Well, the cat’s out of the bag (to the extent that it has been in the bag at all, lately): As we learn from undercover videos of its engineers (who mostly appear, judging by appearances and accents, to be recent arrivals to these welcoming shores), Twitter is indeed using shadow-bans to mute the voices of […]

Fierce Tiger Descends Mountain

For tonight, I have an article by a Chinese national, Puzhong Yao, who emigrated to the West — first to England, then to the United States — to complete his education, and to work in the financial industry. He is obviously highly intelligent, and has done very well. He writes about the difference between Chinese […]

Does A Commitment To Democracy Require Radical Tolerance?

We’ve just had an interesting conversation over at Bill Vallicella’s place. Bill proposed that subversive political parties be excluded from participation, and we went from there to a discussion of the relative merits of democracy itself. (Over the last decade or so I have become deeply skeptical of democracy — which is, after all, just […]

Racist Thing #102


The Multidimensional Geometry Of Music

Today I read an article about Dmitri Tymoczko, a music theorist at Princeton, who has developed a new spatial framework for the representation and comprehension of music, using mathematical objects called “orbifolds”. It seems fascinating, but I’m sure I haven’t fully grasped it yet. (The easiest way to take such things in is by visual […]

Goodbye Real World!

Yes, the caption says it all. As much as I enjoy life, I do find it difficult, at times, to be optimistic about the future. (Readers may have noticed this.) Some days it’s harder than others.

Suicide Cult

With a hat-tip to Bill Vallicella, here’s a review of Douglas Murray’s new(ish) book on the murder of Europe by its political elites: The Strange Death of Europe: Immigration, Identity, Islam. Back in May, we excerpted an essay by Mark Steyn, writing on the morrow of the Ariana Grande concert-bombing in England, in which he […]

Weed Whacker

I see in the news that Attorney General Jeff Sessions is looking to change the DOJ’s lax policy regarding enforcement of marijuana laws. I think he’s right to do so. To put my own cards on the table: I’d like to see pot legalized. I think it’s a silly thing to criminalize, and its illegality […]

On Hangovers

You won’t often find me linking to the New Yorker these days, but this article by Joan Acocella is so good I’m passing it along.

Dip On Don

As we begin the new year, Lewis Amselem, a.k.a. “Diplomad” has some comments on “The Year of the Donald”, here. An excerpt: The resistance to Trump’s nomination and election started with prominent Republicans, such as Romney and the Bush clan, and continued with brave talk of riots in the street, “pussy hats,” vote recounts, electoral […]