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Now my email’s broken. If you’ve been trying to email me and I haven’t replied, or you’ve gotten a message-undeliverable notice, that’s why. On the line with support again (my new hobby, it seems).

It’s a sign of the times that it’s so disturbing to be disconnected like this.

Update, 3 p.m. EST: email’s all fixed. (Was a DNS problem.) Still not sure about the comment-form caching issue, though.


  1. JK says

    Here’s California Congressman Schiff upon exiting the Intel Cmte meeting wherein the memo had been discussed:

    Fairly quickly after that, Schiff appeared on CNN’s Anderson Cooper spouting virtually the same talking points. Arkansas Congressman Rick Crawford followed Schiff disputing some of what Schiff said adding, “There’s a transcript of the meeting. That will be released soon.”

    And, three hours ago, this:

    (I’ve yet to read the entire transcript.)

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  2. JK says

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