Chronicles of the Cold War

Most Tuesday nights at 10 p.m., the radio host John Batchelor (whose program, as I have mentioned before, is one of the most interesting and penetrating news sources in all of media) has an hour-long discussion with the Russia scholar Stephen F. Cohen about the new Cold War. If you take any interest at all in this increasingly ominous situation, I urge you to listen; you can catch the show live on WABC AM (770) if you are in the New York area, or you can stream the show live, free of charge, from anywhere using the iHeartRadio website or mobile app. The Batchelor show is also available as podcasts after the fact, here.

Meanwhile, here’s a summary of Professor Cohen’s recent commentary on what the press call “Russiagate”, and he calls “Intelgate”.

Cohen believes that we have stupidly squandered all hope of detente and strategic partnership with Russia, who might have been a worthwhile friend in this new era of global realignment. I think he is exactly right, and that we have conducted ourselves with terrible and prideful unwisdom.


  1. Russia-Gate; Murder-Gate
    These people have tried to kill me multiple times.
    I continue to be tortured and abused.
    They have tried to Frame me as “Crazy” — I am the furthest thing from it and this is the unequivocal truth!
    There are countless murders.
    Children have been exploited; Families have been destroyed.
    Public Funds were stolen.
    They have lined their pockets with my intellectual property and with agendas of murder (including mine).
    These people have and continue to steal my intellectual property worth Trillions and obscure my discoveries.
    The people implicated in this are the purported leaders of our Nation.
    This is the truth and the starting point beginning/source of “Russia-Gate”.
    This includes the former director of the CIA et al.
    This entire US Government has been engaged and I have all the substantiating evidence to prove it (see below).
    As I have stated numerous times: I am begging for my life.
    Further your families, their lives, their freedom, and our United States of America depends on Public exposure and your representation.
    I need YOUR LEGAL HELP and Representation NOW!!!
    This is life and death and the outcome of our United States and our Earth “The Free World” depends on this.
    Benjamin Allen Sullivan

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  2. Malcolm says

    Best of luck to you, sir.

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  3. Name (required) says

    I recall hearing, sometime during the 0bammy misadministration, that the Russians had decided that the US was not capable of negotiating or agreeing, in the non compos mentis sense of not capable.

    The US and Russia have enough common interests that we should be cooperating. 0bammy couldn’t do that, because his goal was to destory America, the United States and Western Civilization in general. 0bammy needed an Emanuel Goldstein to blame for the failure of socialism and decline of the West, and Russia served nicely.

    Our current administration may or may not be able to restore Russian faith in our sanity and humanity. The fact that Tump and Pence both seem to be cultural Christians may help a great deal, as Russia seems to be returning to its Orthodox roots. The fact that Trump, at least, is an American patriot may help reassure Russians, who like Putin in part because he is a Russian patriot.

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