The “Social Construct”

Attracting considerable attention is Superior: The Return of Race Science, a new book about race by Angela Saini. It makes the usual case: that beyond mere superficialities, race is a meaningless concept, a “social construct”.

In the face of mounting evidence, this is a claim that is becoming more and more difficult to defend; indeed it would be more plausible to say that societies are racial constructs. Nevertheless, the book’s position is that the persistence of scientific support for the reality of meaningful variation in the distribution of traits in human populations is “insidious and destructive”.

Here are three critical reviews, by James Thompson, Steve Sailer, and Bo Winegard and Noah Carl. (You won’t have any trouble finding favorable ones, so I’ll leave that to you.) Reading them should give you some idea of where the actual science stands, and how far our new secular religion will go to deny it.

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