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May Cause Flashbacks

Making the rounds today is a neural-network project from Google called DeepDream. It’s an open-source effort to train neural networks to recognize images (for you programmers, the code is here). I haven’t had any time to give this a close look, but if I understand correctly, when the system is presented with an unfamiliar image […]

8 Stops

The lovely Nina and I went to the Cherry Lane Theatre this afternoon to see a one-woman performance by Deb Margolin called ‘8 Stops‘. Nina and I knew Deb many years ago — as it happens, she is a good friend of this website’s erstwhile comment-thread gadfly ‘The One Eyed Man’, and it was he […]

Tweet Of The Day

  Ukrainian lawmakers: a renaissance masterpiece (Cloth is pure Veronese, but for subject matter id go with Caravaggio) — Sam Jones (@samgadjones) August 6, 2014   Related content from Sphere

Relativize This

Here’s a a 3D zoomable panorama of the Sistine Chapel.

Cape Light

The psychologist and author Steven Pinker lives in Truro, here on the Outer Cape, and is a talented photographer. Here’s his most recent collection.

Eye Candy

Just ran across some fantastic light-table photos of the jellyfish known as the Portuguese man-of-war. Have a look here.

Want Kraken On That?


Jay Mark Johnson

Amazing slit-camera photography. See here and here.

Eye Candy

Have a look at this remarkable sculpture by Neil Dawson, mounted on a hilltop in New Zealand. More views of it here.

The Forgotten Man

Having just had yet another another arid and pointless dust-up about the Constitution, it seems apt to link to this interesting little art project, which comes to us courtesy of David Duff. Related content from Sphere


I’ve been working all day, with no time to write. I won’t send you off empty-handed, though: here’s a singular series of illustrations made by the artist John Vassos for his 1931 collection Phobias. Related content from Sphere

Feat Of Clay

Here’s an entertaining link: a collection of outstanding stop-motion animations.


Did you see this summer’s box-office smash, Fast Five? Me neither. But my sources tell me it was one of the best yet. If, like me, you’ve been wondering about the creative process behind a blockbuster like this, you should watch this fascinating interview with the film’s screenwriter, Chris Morgan. Related content from Sphere

Paper Cuts

Here and here.