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Tomorrow we come to the solstice again, where the great wheel of the seasons pauses, for an instant, at top dead center. I went for a walk at sunset this evening. It was very still. I’ll be sixty in the spring. How strange it is to be a line, in a circular world. Related content […]

Must-See TV

Here’s Massachusetts governor Deval Patrick’s pre-storm presser from Thursday night. Pure gold.

Appointment In Samarra

By now you’ve heard about the mass murder in Colorado. Among those killed was a sports writer by the name of Jessica Redfield, who last night tweeted: Of course we’re seeing Dark Knight. Redheaded Texan spitfire, people should never argue with me.Maybe I should get in on those NHL talks… Ms. Redfield published a blog […]

We Try To Please

Ah, the Shaggs — a pebble in our shoe, a nagging reminder of the dimensionless infinitude of Man (or in this case, three teenage girls). Our friend Jeffery Hodges cracks open the door for a little peek. Related content from Sphere

Something Fishy In Arkansas; Fowl Play Suspected

In 2007 I wrote a post about Charles Fort, a dogged and eloquent eccentric who spent his life in the pursuit of what he called “damned facts” — eyewitness accounts of inexplicable phenomena that had been cast aside and swept into the incinerator by smug Victorian science. In four immensely engaging books — I can […]

Ummm, OK…

This just heard over the P.A. from our office-building’s fire superintendent, after a series of tests of the alarm system: “Please disregard any further instructions.”

A Whale of a 4th

Happy Independence Day to all from Wellfleet, Massachusetts, where, in a remarkable cessation of hostilities, even the local cetaceans made an appearance in today’s town parade.

Wellfleet, 4th of July, 2006