You Still Here?

What’s that breeze? Oh. John Kerry is at it again. The lugubrious, thatch-crowned Ent, whom readers may recall bloviating on all sides of every issue during last year’s depressing presidential campaign, was on “Face the Nation” yesterday, accusing US soldiers of “terrorizing” ordinary Iraqis, and “breaking sort of the customs of the–of–the historical customs, religious customs.”

Mr. Kerry has been roundly lambasted in the blogosphere already, so I won’t pile on. I shall instead refer the reader to James Taranto’s mention of it in today’s Best of the Web.

I am really neither conservative nor liberal politically, but am, instead, all over the map on an issue-by-issue basis. Nevertheless I always enjoy, and highly recommend, James Taranto’s daily newsletter. Mr. Taranto takes a strongly conservative stance, but has a light touch and, above all, a sense of humor, which is a nice afternoon break from the Left’s ceaseless cataract of sanctimony and “outrage”. I can’t link directly to the subscription form, but you can go the the Best of the Web homepage and find it from there.

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