Beyond Belief

I’ve mentioned previously; it is one of my favorite spots on the Web. The site exists to provide a forum where scientists, philosophers, and other thinking types can discuss topics at the intersection of science, technology, and culture, and it attracts many of the world’s brightest minds.

Recently Edge hosted a conference called “Beyond Belief”, at the Salk Institute in lovely La Jolla, CA. The theme of the conference was how science should move forward in its relationship with religion — a relationship that has been touchy at best, and at times downright prickly (just ask Galileo, or the unfortunate Giordano Bruno).

The meetings drew a brilliant and prestigious crowd; the speakers included Steven Weinberg, Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, Patricia Churchland, Paul Davies, V.S. Ramachandran, Scott Atran, Lawrence Krauss, and many others. As you might imagine, the secularists were in the majority, but the discussions were penetrating and fair.

If it sounds like this must have been an interesting event, you’re right: it was. Fortunately, videos of the presentations are freely available online, and you can find them here.

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