Opening Day

There’ll be nothing in this space today about dualism, Darwin, Iraq, religion, or any of the rest of the tedium that usually plumps up these pages. No, today was a day to set all that dull and dreary business aside, because the Incredible Casuals were kicking off their 27th season at the legendary Wellfleet Beachcomber.

Nobody sounds quite like these guys — as their Wikipedia entry explains, they “meld a passion for 60’s garage rock and surf music, pop hooks, brilliant lyrics and beach life into their own completely distinctive sound.” And there is no better place to see them than the ‘Coma: an old Cape Cod lifesaving station, sitting high atop a sandy cliff, this raucous bar overlooks Cahoon Hollow Beach and the mighty blue Atlantic from one of the easternmost points in the USA (which is why Guglielmo Marconi chose Wellfleet for the first trans-Atlantic radio transmission, back in 1903).

Anyway, the Casuals — Chandler Travis, Johnny Spampinato, Rikki Bates, and Aaron Spade — tore the place up, as expected. There’s more to life than consciousness.

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