Yankee Go Home!

During Republican administrations there tends to be a steady seepage, across our northern border, of sanctimonious and neurasthenic lefties quitting the littoral zones of the USA to make new lives in Canada, their delicate constitutions overwhelmed by the populist social fluctuations permitted by our nation’s vastly more robust one. The Bush administration, which is pretty bad weather even for the rest of us, seems, unsurprisingly, to have increased the osmotic pressure.

While this may be no great loss for us, for some of our neighbors in the Great White North it is just about the most irritating thing imaginable. Here (by way of our friend Kevin Kim, the “Chosen” One) is a splendid rant wherein the inimitable Skippy vents his capacious spleen upon these latte-fueled epiphytes. Of particular interest is his debunking of the myth of Canada’s status as the El Dorado of socialized health care, where the streets are paved with gauze. Adults only, please.

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