Gather Those Rosebuds

Kevin Kim, in today’s edition, outlines the typical career arc of a successful stand-up comic, from early aspirations at the microphone to washed-up Hollywood star.

After spending many years doing freelance recording for the music-for-hire houses here in New York, I can offer a similar timeline, The Life of a Jingle Singer.

Let’s say his name is Kyle Simms. His career unfolds as follows:

  1. “‘Kyle Simms’?? Who’s Kyle Simms?”
  2. “Get me Kyle Simms!!”
  3. “What we need for this is a young Kyle Simms…”
  4. “‘Kyle Simms’?? Who’s Kyle Simms?”

Yes, it’s a brutal life, friends. But at least it’s short.

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  1. Simms? That nobody?

    Jeffery Hodges

    * * *

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  2. Malcolm says


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