Eternal Recurrence

Not having finished a couple of longer posts I am gestating, for this evening I can only offer lighter fare: everything you ever wanted to know about lockgrooves.


  1. greg calbi says

    I have a funny little story about lockgrooves. Back in 1975 while working with John Lennon on “Walls and Bridges” he came up with the idea of having a lockgroove endlessly repeating “yes, dear”. I suppose it was a jab at Yoko, but more likely a wink to his fans who considered him “p-whipped”.
    We tried and tried, but technically it was difficult and expensive to get the two words neatly and cleanly in the lockgroove and the idea was abandoned.

    There is also lots to say about the stuff you find written in the lockgroove. Chekc out some of those old lp’s.

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  2. Malcolm says

    Thanks Greg, and we welcome you to our little community. Who better to comment on this post than you?

    [For your information, readers, our old friend Greg Calbi is one of the world’s foremost mastering engineers, and has added the finishing touch to thousands of albums in his decades of experience. Have a look at his mind-boggling discography here.]

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