Without Conscience or Reflection

Christopher Hitchens weighs in, with customary acerbity, on Hillary Clinton’s audacious Tuzla whopper. Here.


  1. JK says

    Thanks. Concise, clear-and truthful.


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  2. JO says

    Good God Almighty,
    She’s acting like a woman again. Exaggerating how close she came to a great sale!
    Can’t we cut her some slack ’cause she is going up where no woman has gone before. She feels like she needs to lie with the best of them just to stand a chance!!
    I might be a little bit of a Hilary fan just because of the good ‘ole girl network.

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  3. JK says


    Did you happen to watch the lead on ABC today? There was another mis-statement. However, I do see your point. And well, from my experience “hyperbole” seems to just be a candidate thing.


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  4. bob koepp says

    I think Hitchens is right on the mark here. Clinton was “mis-remembering” or “mis-speaking” in the context of buttressing her claim to have relevant experience in dealing with crisis situations. She was proffering bogus evidence. She’s a politician maneuvering to gain an advantage, and mendacity was tool ready to hand. My capacity for sympathy doesn’t extend that far.

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  5. JO says

    Yeah, JK and Bob Koepp
    I was so afraid that she wouldn’t be able to avoid the whole whiney retelling of her story. I have said all along that the end for her was the point that she started the “whole my dog bigger than your dog” series.
    I do want to point that blessed George blew his military stuff out of proportion too
    Well I guess that Obama will get my vote–I hope I haven’t lost my commenting priviledges.

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  6. JO says

    Malcolm, JK or others
    I’m looking for good places to play chess online. any recommendations appreciated.
    maybe some sites where my team could play me from miles away.

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  7. JK says


    Turnabout being fairplay-you are correct. But as stated, candidates tend toward hyperbole.


    The linked story is a good read too, albeit in another vein.

    As for playing chess? I fear a set-up.


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  8. bob koepp says

    For the record: I have defended Bush exactly once. An acquaintance arguing against a Bush policy mocked his stumbling language. I said that was unkind, since Bush probably acquired his speech impediment honestly, from his father.

    I don’t criticize Clinton because she’s a woman, or a democrat, or liberal (well, I’d argue the applicability of that label), but because she’s a mendacious seeker after power over her fellow citizens.

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  9. Malcolm says

    JK, the author of that linked item is quite right to berate Bush for his comic-book imaginings of war. I also, like so many others, will be glad to see him gone. His dangerous mixture of religious zealotry, intellectual incuriosity, and cultural and historical ignorance has caused immense and needless damage.

    JO, the best two sites I know for online chess are the Internet Chess Club, for playing in “real time”, and Red Hot Pawn, for “postal”-style chess.

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  10. JK says


    After I’d posted that I knew I wasn’t clear to what I was referring but didn’t wish to clutter your site. I had seen a Charlie Rose episode featuring the writer for the NYT and read the story Kaplan linked to, I wish I’d been more clear. I’ll rectify that now.


    Titled, “Battle Company Is Out there” By ELIZABETH RUBIN
    Published: February 24, 2008

    You asked me recently if I fought in the Pacific, this may give a more accurate picture of what I may know something more about.


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  11. JK says

    Well, I’ve done it again. Any experience I may’ve (peripherally) had was from a different century. But I do remember a Navy Captain saying, “This is likely gonna turn out in a bad way, I (he) think we’ll wind up on the wrong end.”


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  12. Malcolm says

    Thanks for the link, JK. I have already read this harrowing article, but there are probably many here who haven’t.

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  13. JO says

    ok, Bob,
    who is the most “honest” candidate? You don’t seem to be a Bush fan, so that’s all that really counts with me.

    you were in the navy?

    thanks for the chess info–the computer game seems very inpersonal, maybe that’s what is throwing me.

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  14. Malcolm says

    Hi JO,

    Well, at both Red Hot Pawn and ICC you’ll be playing against real live humans (whom we must assume are not using computers themselves).

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  15. JK says


    If as I think you may be, our mutual is sending you a JPEG. I’d request you not share it. There are too many who would not believe without a picture.

    I’d prefer they not have a picture. Or, a JPEG.


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  16. bob koepp says

    JO – I have no idea who is the most honest candidate. My default position is that politicians are liars when they think it will enhance their powers. I don’t know of a counter example.

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