In For a Penny, In For a Pound

As long as I am to be pilloried as a racist and reactionary xenophobe anyway, I might as well carry on. Here’s the latest cave-in, this time from Britain.


  1. JK says

    Well, no pillorying from one quarter Malcolm,

    Because this relates to Iraq it might not be viewed by some as pertinent to the present argument. However I might suggest that Islam can be terribly arbitrary. As can Christianity and other Dogma, of whichever flavor. But, it is a matter of degree.


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  2. Dymphna says

    This must be part of the zeitgeist now:

    As long as I am to be pilloried as a racist and reactionary xenophobe anyway…

    It’s the fourth or fifth time I’ve seen a blogger utter this. Could it be that diversity and multi-culti insanity are beginning to jump the shark? It’s gonna be one of those slow-mo, long-drawn-out broad jumps, but I do think they’re finally gonna hit the sand on the other side.

    We have realized that protests against the name-calling do no good. So a positive judo move — “yes, I sure am” — takes much of the sting out of the accusation.

    IOW, I’d rather be a racist xenophobe than a mindless diversity ding-dong.

    Just saying…

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  3. Malcolm says

    Thanks, Dymphna. Read the thread on the previous post and tell me what you think.

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  4. JO says

    yesterday’s post made me think so much that I wrote my own blog on the unclothing of women
    I also ordered the book that you recommended from Amazon used books. It came today.

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  5. Malcolm says

    Jeannie, you’ve made my day.

    That’s a thoughtful and interesting post. I do wish you hadn’t felt reluctant to comment here; it would no longer have been an “all-male forum” if you had joined in!

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