O Frabjous Day

This will be of zero interest to any of you, but in my little corner of Gotham the corks are popping. Here’s why.


  1. bob koepp says

    Not quite zero interest, Malcolm. I saw this in the paper this morning and immediately thought of the increase in ease and convenience that this would bring to your life. I once lived in a neighborhood with a similare regime — even though I got used to it, I hated it.


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  2. Malcolm says

    Thanks, Bob!

    We are indeed chortling with joy.

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  3. JO says

    Of interest to me, my son Jake lives on 16th Street, Brooklyn. Of course, he’s a subway baby now. When he moved to NY from a small town in Arkansas, he sold his truck to help pay for his first semester at FIT. I asked him if he wanted us to help get him a small vehicle so he wouldn’t be dependent on mass transit. He just smiled at me and said that parking was a whole culture that I didn’t understand!
    thanks for the link

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  4. Malcolm, don’t go parking mad, for you’ll still need that vorpal sword in fighting for a spot!

    Personally, I’m a loquacious pedestrian and thus prefer jabber-walking to the isolation of the automobile.

    Jeffery Hodges

    * * *

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  5. Malcolm says

    Hi Jeffery,

    I do hope you are feeling better after your glimpse of the abyss the other day; all of us here in the Western world are relieved to see you still at your post.

    Yes, we New Yorkers walk everywhere also — it’s one of my favorite things about the city, although your toves may get a little slithy if they haven’t been cleaning the sidewalks. The car is mainly for getting out of town.

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  6. Malcolm, one has to stare into the abyss occasionally. It helps make life more meaningful . . . free will or no.

    I seem to recall that a stick-in-the-mud like yourself stared into the abyss a few months back and escaped shaken (but not stirred).

    Mome raths, by the way, are excellent workers and will keep sidewalks clean, but one has to watch for the INS.

    Jeffery Hodges

    * * *

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  7. JO says

    I was not paying attention to title, only to my own connection to the article. I’ll go galumphing back to my work. Gyre and gimble through your day.

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  8. Malcolm says


    “Free will or no”; that’s the point exactly. The closer you look at it, the less it matters.

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  9. Malcolm says

    Yes, Jeanie, I’d better get to some serious gyring and gimbling here, or next thing you know my job will be outgrabed.

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