This American Meltdown

If you have, at this point, had a bellyful of this economic crisis, and rather than dwell on it any longer, are sensibly off drinking heavily and reading something broadening, then please ignore this post. If not, however, here is another very interesting look at how we got into this mess.

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  1. JK says

    Well Malcolm,

    I guess I’ve come around to Peter’s way of thinking. Global Warming is real. I’m still pretty sure the given “scientific reasons” are a bit off the mark-but after I got through the first paragraph on page 20 I knew.

    It is real, and man-made, well except for that one woman whose last name I can’t even venture to spell. I know her first name begins with a “C.”

    I know too, it’s gotta be green energy to get us out of this mess. I do worry about the renewable part though.

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