Near-Death Experience

My apologies to all of you who might have visited today, or emailed me. My website and mailserver were down all day due to troubles at the hosting facility in Utah.

I’ve had some bad luck in the past: when I started this blog back in 2005 I signed on with a company called, and after a few months they simply went out of business, without the slightest warning. I had no backups, and what I was able to recover I got from old pages that Google had cached. Much was just lost.

The situation today was another matter — I now use Bluehost, a very good company with excellent service and support — but I willl confess that it was rather uncomfortable to have mail and website just gone all day. By the afternoon I was starting to see a blinding, but oddly comforting, white light…

Anyway, we’re back, and thanks to those of you who sent concerned emails.

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