Takes Two To Tango

We hear a lot these days about inter-religious dialogue, and I suppose it’s a nice enough idea, in a surreal sort of way. It’s even, perhaps, a plausible one, as long as we are talking about, for example, a dialogue between the Episcopalians and the Presbyterians — which would surely be a generous and genteel affair, with refreshments. There are other religions, however, whose adherents are not only not interested in tolerance and dialogue, but who will not rest until the rest of us — believers and and atheists alike — are brought either to heel, or to the sword. And they are among us.

The restless activist Brigitte Gabriel reminds of of this awkward fact in this video clip, brought to our attention by Gates Of Vienna.


  1. I just received this delightful link to a vid-that seems quite apt … enjoy!

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  2. JK says

    I’m uncertain about how the Episcopalians might receive any Muslim efforts to evangelize the goodness of Shariya in America’s heartland but I’d guess that even the nominally Presbyterian in one part of America’s heartland would likely want to (and be willing to) put up a bit of a fuss.

    Now if the Muslim community were willing to maybe, oh I don’t know, drink a communal beer or two, adjust somewhat, the methodology and understanding of what stoning should actually be – then I suppose there might be some willingness on the part of Presbyterians to sit down for some unarmed discussion.

    However, should the Muslim community decide that beer drinking and stoning (in the nominally Presbyterian sense) not be sensibly acceptable, I would suggest they re-consider whether, at least insofar as “America’s Heartland” is concerned, they might also reconsider what they define as America’s Heartland.

    For Pat? I consider even the not so “nominal Presbyterian” will be entertained (albeit in the privacy of their own viewing area) by your link. Provided of course, you bring the beer.

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  3. I will bring the beer if they promise to “stone” me!

    I hear Tennessee, Kentucky & Missouri grow more hemp than California?!- The bible belt has its’ up side too…

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