Pearls Before Swine

From Tuesday’s Wall Street Journal: Daniel Pearl’s father writes, seven years after his son’s brutal murder, on how far we haven’t come.


  1. Alex says

    Mr Pearl asks, “When will our luminaries stop making excuses for terror?”. This is another version of the question, “When will the Epoch of Liberalism end?” Who can say?

    At the present time, liberal opinions and liberal rhetoric are both the highest common factor and the lowest common multiple of public discourse. A phrase like “the war on terror” has been virtually proscribed by the liberal luminaries who make our excuses. The word “terror” has no place in their vocabulary of appeasement. Moral equivalence arraigns both “militants” and their victims in the same dock.

    The quality of a civilization or perhaps even its survival depends, as Freya Stark observed, on calling things by their proper names.

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  2. Jacob says

    The article provides the most facile of arguments, treating terrorism, its origins and purposes, as existing in a cultural and historical vacuum. This name calling of “liberalism” does not achieve anything but demonize dissent and exacerbate this age of hyper-partisanism.

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  3. Malcolm says

    I disagree, Jacob. The whole point is that there is no cultural or historical context that justifies what was done to Daniel Pearl.

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