Hold The Sizzle

I’ve always liked Dick Cavett. His career as a prominent public conversationalist began in 1968, when I, as twelve-year-old, was only beginning to understand how grownups could possibly enjoy just sitting around talking. My mother used to watch his show, and I found, to my surprise, that I enjoyed watching it too. He is a charming, witty man, with a nimble and curious mind, and he was a fine example, I thought, of what it was to be a civilized adult.

Over the years everyone who was anyone was a guest on Mr. Cavett’s show, and he has now done us a favor by extracting from the vault a recording of a program from October 14th, 1981, when his guests were two of America’s foremost authors, John Cheever and John Updike.

Take a little break from the swirling maelstrom of 21st-century American media, from Rush Limbaugh and Rod Blagojevich, from Octomom and The Bachelor, from Alex Rodriguez and Bernie Madoff, from Soulja Boy and Travis Barker.


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