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Perhaps the most important question of all is: what is the most important question of all?


  1. Corwood says

    Which exit does one take during the foggy hours (hours when the sun doesn’t clearly indicate) to arrive in Michigan’s apple fields? Starting at what appears to be the toes of the green lady who supposdly holds a torch?

    We’re not even sure Sphere directed us to the right place to ask the question.

    All I know is I gotta carful of kids who wanna pick apples in Michigan and there’s the biggest green toes I’ve ever seen in my life. Well, I’m not sure they’re green, but they feel shaped like toes, the kids tell me tappin’ ’em with a hubcap rings green – and unless this fog clears up, Sphere’s gonna have to guide me to the Salvation Army.

    All I know is I googled, “What’s the most important way to get the kids a job?”

    Me, the wife, and Pontiac need to know.

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  2. Corwood says

    Uh, I forgot. the kids told me to ask but all I know is my Pontiac jumped the Hudson.

    And no, my wife ain’t the “Gen’ral Lee.” The important question is “Which way is Michigan?”

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  3. JK says

    Dear Cornworm,

    You are going to have to jump the river again and get back on the freeway. Stay in the leftmost lane.

    When you get to the exit that list’s “Azore’s” – anyway it’ll be the first one beginning with an “A.”

    I would suggest maxing your tach quick – (are your kids in carseats?) – regardless, if you and the wife don’t make it to the Azores, it is “Fruit-Pickin’ Time in the Canaries” so DF, not only the kids and the wife should be able to find gainful employment, you can too.

    Cornwood, if they ask for “qualifications” on an application, just fill the blank with “FISHBAIT.” If anyone asks for what you specialize in, tell them, “Great White Shark FISHBAIT.” If anyone asks you where you’re from, tell them Alabama.

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  4. Mike Z says

    “Who put the ram in the rama lama ding dong?” (Credit to Gerry Goffin and Barry Mann)

    – M

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  5. Maven says

    “What is the intent of the existence of humans, considering how deleterious humans are to the earth? Why are we here if we are hardwired to destroy that which sustains us?

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  6. bob koepp says


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  7. Mike Z says

    I was going to propose “Why?” because frankly, it _is_ the definitive serious choice, but decided to follow in the footsteps of the “Which way is Michigan?” crowd. Sorry, Malcolm, given the choice between serious and not, the temptation of the latter was just too much. I am still rather curious about the “ram”, however.

    – M

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  8. Wait! Does Bob mean “Why” as in, it’s important to ask Why. Or does he mean, why are you asking?

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  9. Addofio says

    What makes anyone think there is a “most important” question? There are at least three objections to the concept: 1) there is no natural order relationship on the set of all questions and there seems to me no way to agree on criteria for rank-ordering questions; 2) even if we had criteria, there’s every possibility that the order relationship would not be monotonic and there would be no “most important” question, though in comparing any two quetions we might be able to decide which is more important; 3) the importance of a question in any case would seem to me to be entirely dependant on the situation and the person asking the question, so even if we had clear criteria and the order relationship were monotonic, the “most important question” would shift around so rapidly that the Q of which is most important would have no general answer.

    Sorry to be serious and all–the Michigan question is much more fun. I’m afraid I have a very literal, plodding mind at times, and your question seems to have stirred it to life.

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  10. Malcolm says

    You are quite right, Addofio, and the post does indeed wither under the glare of your illuminating analysis. It was really just a recursive bit of whimsy.

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