A Salty Dogfight

According to an item over at CNN, former Procol Harum keyboardist Matthew Fisher has won a lawsuit seeking a portion of the royalties for the band’s classic tune “A Whiter Shade of Pale”. This certainly seems fair, though I wasn’t present as the song was being written: Fisher’s plangent organ-playing is the soul of the tune, and the intro in which the organ states the theme is one of the most recognizable eight bars in the history of rock music.

Apparently Mr. Fisher had to sue bandleader and vocalist Gary Brooker for his piece of the pie, which seems a pity. Mr. Brooker, M.B.E., is one of England’s most prominent philanthropists, but it seems that when it comes to more personal matters he is somewhat less charitable.

Story here.

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  1. jack says

    something about rock band singers. they think they are the pie.

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