Things Are Heating Up

David Duff is having a nice gloat over the Climategate kerfuffle — which I must say is unfolding rather gratifyingly, for those of us who thought we already had enough religions in the world and didn’t see the need for any expensive new ones.



  1. Thanks, Malcolm, for the link. Even better chortling news this morning, little Georgie ‘Moonbat’ of The Guardian is deeply, nay, profoundly, shocked:

    Naturally, I couldn’t stop myself putting the boot in – well, it’s what he’s for, really!

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  2. howsurprising says

    Hos surprising that you hold this view. Sorry, but really, are you a climatologist?

    Anyway, you may be interested in this unrelated link on global jihad. Guess most of the jihadist web sites are hosted by Western companies. Perhaps a movement on the issue is in order.

    “Currently, fewer than five forums are used by jihad media companies as a direct channel for disseminating their products (e.g., jihad films, texts, and audios). Moreover, only half a dozen Islamist forums attract multi-participant discussion among jihadists and jihad sympathizers worldwide. Most jihad cyber domains initiate very little, if any, original discussion, primarily reposting material from popular jihad forums. Hence, disabling the few prominent domains could seriously cripple Islamists’ ability to conduct mass online discussions, and could also hamper the rapid spread of jihad material in cyberspace.”

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  3. Malcolm says

    A climatologist? Moi? No, just an amused observer of the passing scene.

    Not much use shutting down this or that website; that sort of thing is like a bubble under the shelf-paper. But yes, if nothing else it might annoy them, so fine.

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