This and That

Starting tomorrow morning, I will be traveling a fair amount for a week or so, and things may be quieter than usual around here.

For tonight: an essay from Mark Alexander on the Second Amendment case now making its way through the Supreme Court. Here.

Also, there is a new website, Alternative Right, that has been attracting a fair amount of attention in the conservative blogosphere. I haven’t had a chance yet to look it over, but here are some discussions of it, over at Mangan’s and at Reflecting Light.

Meanwhile, in a hopeful sign of a long-overdue cultural awakening, the Dutch political party PVV, led by the increasingly popular Geert Wilders, has just won some decisive political victories in Holland — though you’d never hear about it by reading the Times. More than anyone else in Europe right now, Mr. Wilders is, to borrow a favorite phrase of the Left, “speaking truth to power” — and for daring to speak his mind about the existential threat posed to Western Europe by Islam and unchecked immigration, he is under indictment on what amounts, effectively, to a Sharia-charge-by-proxy of blasphemy against the Prophet. The government’s shameful persecution of him may be beginning to backfire, though, as the PVV now seems to be attracting widespread support, and is on the march. Learn more here.

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