“Drink While Effervescing”

1) Alka-Seltzer: directions for use.

2) What I generally do at parties.


  1. I sometimes wish I could remember what I have done at parties. On the other hand, sometimes I wish I could forget!

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  2. Malcolm says

    Well, knowing you, David, I have no doubt that you can effervesce with the best of them.

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  3. The little ‘Memsahib’ has another word for it.

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  4. Malcolm says

    Ah yes. There’s a special look, also. Know it well.

    Oh well, c’est la vie. Is it our fault that we are natural bon vivants and raconteurs?

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  5. Raconteurs! Oh dear me, yes, and I think that is the worst because I wake up the next morning and about the only thing I can remember is the sound of my own voice booming on and on.

    I remember years ago, late ’70s, early ’80s, going to one of Ayckborne’s farces featuring the usual collection of lower middle-class couples desperately flashing their new-found prosperity in an effort to emulate the upper middle-classes – this is Britain, you understand – and there was a scene in which the host at a dinner party (we were all big into dinner parties in those days!) got very drunk and proceeded to boom off a long, loud and incoherent speech at his guests. I laughed along with it thinking that it reminded me of someone, and then the awful realisation came – it was me!

    And, oh dear, I’m in danger of ‘Boring for Britain’ again, so I’ll shut up.

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