The Cruelest Month

Spring is upon us with startling suddenness this year; it will be, they tell us, 88° tomorrow. All over the city the daffodils and Callery pears are in bloom, and the pretty girls have shed their scarves and boots for skirts and sandals.

For the first time I think Eliot may have been right about April. I’ll be 54 a week from today, and as I watch the living world spring joyously back to life once again, I can’t help feeling that this time it’s running ahead of me, looking back and laughing.

It won’t look back for long, of course. Why would it?

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One Comment

  1. JK says

    Don’t worry overmuch that the time seems to be running ahead of you. I myself just turned that “magic 54” and thought it was too.

    Then I happened to find myself downwind of a very short skirted barefoot lass.

    I find I still like March winds. April’s aren’t bad either. Happy Birthday.

    Posted April 7, 2010 at 7:59 am | Permalink