“The Courage To Do Nothing”

Last week The Select Committee for Energy Independence and Global Warming held a hearing on “The Foundation of Climate Science”. The loyal opposition was represented by Lord Christopher Monckton, who made a persuasive technical case (see here) and gave a splendid performance. Here’s a glimpse:

From Lord Monckton’s testimony:

Warming at the very much reduced rate that measured (as opposed to merely modeled) results suggest would be 0.7-0.8 K (1.3-1.4 F°) at CO2 doubling. That would be harmless and beneficial – a doubling of CO2 concentration would increase yields of some staple crops by 40%. Therefore, one need not anticipate any significant adverse impact from CO2-induced “global warming”. “Global warming” is a non-problem, and the correct policy response to a non-problem is to have the courage to do nothing.

There are clips of the other witnesses here, and you can download video of the entire hearing here. Read also Rep. James Sensenbrenner’s trenchant opening remarks, here.

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  1. JK says

    You do realize Malcolm, we have an associate “across the pond” that this post has the possibility, indeed a very serious probability of causing harm to. Indeed, should he happen to read the pdf, I genuinely fear I’ll not be reading any posts from him for an extended period.

    His jumping up and down hollering “See! See! I’ve been telling you idiots this for years!” will no doubt shake so much dust from the rafters, ‘Memsahib’ will have him down on his knees scrubbing dust bunnies for weeks.

    Not to mention or overlook the likelyhood the UK judicial system will almost certainly issue an order against him for “Disturbing the Queen’s Peace.”

    We should be circumspect when considering the number of links and including a video to boot, in preparation for a post.

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  2. Chris G says

    I don’t trust British people when their eyes are bugging out.

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