Bring It

The DOJ has now uncorked its long-threatened lawsuit against Arizona for the latter’s audacity in attempting to enforce Federal law to stem the disastrous tide of undocumented Democrats streaming into the state from across the border.

Blogger Ann Althouse examines the suit’s premises here. Her commenter “Mesquito” crisply summed up the seething frustration of a growing number of Americans with the Obama administration’s priorities, as quoted below (edited for typos):

Let me be clear:

A city may defy our immigration laws by declaring itself a “sanctuary” and the Obama Justice Department does nothing. An armed, uniformed member of a fascist, racist organization can position himself at a polling place on election day, and the Obama Justice Department drops the charges.

But a State legislates in harmony with federal law, and it is sued?

Seriously. I want my country back.

You aren’t the only one, amigo.

Meanwhile, another commenter points out that the Federal government is required under Article IV, Section 4, to defend the states against “invasion”. Surely this qualifies, no?

It seems encouragingly likely that the administration is preparing for itself a formidable legal and political petard, with substantial hoisting power. We shall see.

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