Fine Motor Control

Readers may recall the “Stuxnet” computer virus that appeared in the news a few months ago. It was widely assumed that the malware was aimed, probably by Israel, at Iran’s Bushehr nuclear plant.

The code has now been very thoroughly analyzed, and it seems it had a tightly focused purpose: to sabotage uranium-refinement centrifuges by fiddling with the operating frequency of their electronic controllers.

Learn more here (and for the real nitty-gritty, here).

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  1. JK says

    Your post Malcolm led to some serious search efforts on my part. Fortunately I couldn’t sleep last night. I recalled, easy enough, that I’d read the sentence – just not where, or when:

    “The fact is that the targets would not be buildings as such but rather processes,…”

    It would appear – somebody came up with a “Plan B.”

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