Curiouser And Curiouser

You may have been puzzled, as was I, to see the story the other day of the murder of John P. Wheeler, lawyer and former military officer, whose mortal remains were discarded in a garbage dump in Wilmington, Delaware.

Now, various sources are alleging a link between the murder of Mr. Wheeler, an “inside” expert on chemical weapons, and the recent mass death of birds and fish in Arkansas in the proximity of the Pine Bluff Arsenal and the Little Rock AFB.

Have a look here.

Disclaimer: this is very speculative stuff, of course, and we take no position on its veracity. This sensational account does nothing to explain the fact that the animal deaths were limited to a single species; nor does it explain why, if the chemical agent involved was indeed phosgene gas recovered from Saddam Hussein’s arsenal, the discovery of such a stockpile was not announced at the time, given the intense political pressure the Bush administration faced to justify the invasion of Iraq on the basis of such weapons (though the report linked below suggests that it was considered advantageous to keep the stockpile concealed for deniable “black” deployment elsewhere).

In any event, having no compunctions about journalistic rigor, we are perfectly happy to assist the spread of alarming, poorly substantiated rumors.


  1. JK says

    Apparently the IT guys at that EU rag’s website are having problems verifying my email address. Hopefully they’ve got a correspondent based in the States who reads Waka and will pass on my attempted comment:

    Here’s that day’s weather – does it look like a good day for flying? Even for the US Airforce? Oh, the red dots are tornadoes:

    You EU editors can Google, correct? Well Google “The Fayettville Shale Deposits.” No one’s pumping anything into the ground – but I’ll admit, they’re pumping stuff out of the ground. “Fracking” is the preferred method, which some say causes earthquakes – but the proximity to the New Madrid fault (which incidentally generated the largest earthquake in US History 1810-1811) and has continued with aftershocks on a daily basis in the 200 years since. Link may take time to load:

    Oh, since the birdkill occurred 25 miles south of me, a friend drove down to check the scene. NO people in “Haz-Mat suits – just a few Arkansas Fish and Game people in regular cotton uniforms but one or two did have raincoats.

    How’s about sharing (maybe a pdf link) to that GRU report given to Vlad?

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  2. JK says

    Hey Malcolm, got any friends near the Chesapeake Bay? If so tell ’em to grab a camera – that EU rag is now reporting two [expletive deleted] million fish killed in Maryland.

    Jesus – I thought my neighbors were nuts.

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  3. JK says

    Belay that. It appears there’s something to the Maryland case, but the current two million doesn’t approach the fifteen million back in ’94.

    Man how I wish the number of people with access to my email address had been more carefully considered. Glad I’m not on Facebook.

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  4. JK says

    Well – guess that’s that.

    I’m not gonna speculate as to whether Mr. Wheeler was actually in Beebe.

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