From today’s Physorg newsletter:

So much for drowning your sorrows
Alcohol helps the brain remember, says new study

They’re still kind of short and skinny
First galaxies were born much earlier than expected

This is news?
Europe may be slowly disappearing under Africa

Enough with the fracking leaks!
Fracking leaks may make gas ‘dirtier’ than coal

Like I told you, Duncan: inhale twice, exhale once
Scots carbon emissions could be halved in decades, study suggests

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  1. JK says

    Since I no longer utilize specific substances – and the instructors preferred we not show up drunk – I can, on the first subject only recall something called “state-learning.” Which I seem to recall had something to do with experiencing something in a highly stressful (adrenaline) situation becoming almost “reflexive.” [Alcohol being excepted of course – at present anyway].

    The second? Might be interesting if I had the time. Like you seem to indicate – rather than spending time on the third endeavor, the researchers could’ve spent some time in a library. Or enrolled in Geology 101.

    Apparently the researchers on the 50 years old “fracking” process never got together with either Al Gore or the folks in East Anglia. (Dear God I hope they don’t get together with the people working on the Beebe Birdkill.)

    As for the last – perhaps the Scots shouldn’t be so charitable to their underprivileged and begin purchasing lawnmowers. (This last may be obscure to some – but only because you’re not on the same forwarding list I am.)

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