Funk Break

If you’re going to be in Gotham on Saturday, July 30th, you should get yourself over to Brooklyn’s Prospect Park Bandshell (conveniently located just 250 yards from waka waka waka‘s New York command center) for what bids fair to be an outstanding evening’s entertainment.

The headliner, Malcolm Rebennack Jr. (A.K.A “Dr. John“), is a national treasure, and needs no introduction. The opening act, however, is someone you may not have heard of, unless you’re a fan of the Washington, D.C. musical subgenre known as “go-go”: the unspeakably funky Chuck Brown, now 74 years old.

I was fortunate enough to do some recording work with Chuck Brown back in 1985, and together we confected a bouncy little single called “Sho Yuh Right”. (I found out later that producer Maxx Kidd had listed me on the credits as “The Mighty Malcolm”, which pleased me no end.) You can enjoy it here.

(Technical note: this track contains high levels of what is known, in the arcane patois of the trained music-biz professional, as “stank”.)

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